What Every Macomb County Well Owner Should Know

Macomb County Water Well DrillerIf you have a water well in Macomb County, you’re among many of the other well owners who are reaping the benefits of fresh groundwater. Water wells are the most common way to obtain groundwater for residential usage. Water wells provide homeowners access to clean, fresh water in my rural and suburb areas.

Since water well owners are in charge of scheduling regular maintenance and repairs, they are directly in control of what is in their drinking water. With recent scares with city water having lead or toxins in it, that control is just one reason that water wells are a great option. Having a water well for your Macomb County home is a practical investment for your family. However, it’s important to understand how your water well works so you can properly identify when maintenance and repairs are required.

The Basics

Water wells work by drilling deep below the ground to reach water from underground aquifers. Pipes and a water pump are then used to draw that water up from the ground. Most water wells have a screen filter system on them to prevent large particles from clogging the pipes and causing problems with your water well down the line. While the basics of your water well are pretty simple there are some very important factors to consider about your water well.

Why It’s Important to Hire Experienced Water Well Drillers

When considering having a water well placed for your Macomb County home, it’s important to hire a professional water well company. It’s important that your water well is placed within the required isolation distance that fits within Michigan requirements. Since your water well can’t be placed too close to buildings, utilities, or other areas that could potentially contaminate your water, it’s important to trust experts who understand how to locate the best location to drill your well.

While it’s important to have your well drilled within the isolation distances, it’s also equally important to remember that distance when adding new additions to your home or yard. Building materials or chemicals that are above ground near your water well could potentially seep into the ground and contaminate your water.

Maintaining Your Water Well

As a well owner, knowing when your water well requires maintenance is the most important information you should be aware of. Generally, your water well should be inspected annually to ensure that all parts of the well mechanism are working properly. Regular water testing should be done to ensure that there are no chemicals or toxins in your water well. If these water samples come back positive, it’s important to call a professional to determine the cause and adequately flush your water well.

Don’t Wait For a Problem to Call

There are so many benefits to owning your Macomb County water well, it only makes sense that you’d want to do everything in your power to ensure that your water well is working properly for years to come. Understanding the basics of your water well and performing regular maintenance can help stop problems before they even occur. If your Macomb County water well is in need of maintenance, give Ries Well Drilling, Inc. a call today at (586) 784-9516!