Water Well Drilling FAQs

How do you find water?

Any good well driller will tell you that finding water is half art half science. Water flows through glacial drift (sand, gravel) or sandstone. These veins can be from 50 ft. to 1 inch, so having the ability and experience to see them as you are drilling into the earth is key.

What is the minimum depth my well can be?

In the state of Michigan a well has to be a minimum of 25′ of casing set into the ground. Anything shallower would be considered surface water.

What is adequate water supply?

In southeastern Michigan you can run a house on 5 GPM but you should have 10 GPM to run a household family of four. Sprinkler systems require a minimum of 20 GPM.

What size pump do I need?

1/2HP 10GPM to 100 FT., 3/4HP 10GPM to 150 FT., 1HP 10GPM to 275 FT. The  3/4HP and the 1HP are also available in 20 GPM and 30 GPM.

What size tank do I need?

Usually we recommend a 1/2HP or a 3/4HP with a 35 gallon tank. A 1HP or 1 1/2HP with a 85 gallon tank. A 2HP and above with a 119 gallon tank.

I have weak pressure in my upstairs shower what can I do to fix this?

Most conventional systems have a 20lb. pressure fluctuation. This sometimes causes upstairs showers to have less pressure due to friction loss. One possible solution would be a Constant Pressure System. Please see our Constant Pressure System page for more information.

How deep will my well be?

We cannot see into the ground to see how deep your well will be, but a good way to tell is to see how deep the wells are in your neighboring area.

Can I pour bleach into my well?

The active ingredient in bleach is sodium, which as we all know is salt. By pouring bleach into your well it can cause severe corrosion, and can make it difficult to service the well in the future. If you are going to pour bleach into your well, please contact a licensed Well Driller before doing so.

What if my well does not pass a bacteria test?

To properly kill bacteria, bleach needs to be entered into the system. You will need a Licensed Well Driller to come out and perform this task properly.

I think my pump has been hit by lightning, what should I do?

First call a Well Man to schedule a diagnostic test. A good contractor should come to the job with a voltmeter/amp probe to check to see how many amps the pump is drawing and if you are getting good power. Do not trust anyone who just looks at the system without doing these things.

How do I know if I have a reputable contractor?

Check the companies record with the Better Business Bureau. There are still some uninsured Well Drillers out there! Be sure to protect yourself, and your investment.

What would cause my water to be dirty?

Usually it is from a hole in the line that the pump is connected to. It could also be a bad check valve on the pump.

When I run the Cold water, it still feels warm. Why?

The pump is usually continuously running without shutting off. This causes the motor to the pump to become extremely hot, which in turn makes the water feel warm.

My pressure switch is turning On & Off rapidly when I use water. What does this mean?

Chances are the bladder is bad in the pressure tank, and the only solution to the problem would be to replace the tank.

My faucets are spitting out water?  What is wrong?

It could be several things:

– The pump could be sucking in air because the well is not keeping up with the pump.

– There could be a small leak in the line.

– The pressure switch might not be adjusted with the proper setting of air in the tank.

There is sand in my water. What would cause this?

Improper sizing of the screen allowing sand to come through. It may also be that the well is taking water back into it which could be from a leak in the dropline to the pump. It would take pressure off the outer wall of the screen and allow sand to come through.

I have noticed that the ground is soaked by my well. Why?

There is a hole in the male adapter. The male adapter is located five feet underground and usually has to be dug up to fix.

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