How do you know when your well needs a professional check-up in Macomb County, MI?

Fast on the rise, private water wells are becoming common throughout the United States. Once considered a necessary aspect of opting to dwell in rural and country areas, property with private water wells has tremendous value throughout the U.S.

However, after the initial feature of having one’s own water supply, few homeowners have a full understanding of what owning a private water well really entails. Yes, there are benefits, but there are possibilities and issues that require acknowledging.  

The first “rule” that private welter well owners are unfamiliar with is that there are mandatory steps and tasks necessary for boosting the lifespan and overall healthy functioning of their wells. If these basic maintenance steps are avoided, the quality and pressure of your water can be mitigated. In an extreme scenario, the well itself can actually go dry. 

Furthermore, when a private water well experiences any type of issue, it is mandatory that a professional water well expert is brought in to assess the probe, identify the issue and make the repair.  All of this is based upon a homeowner knowing when it’s the right time to schedule a professional water well expert to give the well a check-up.

Here are the indicators that it’s time to schedule a visit from your professional water well expert.

Your utility bills have spiked. In particular, your electricity or power bill. If you have noticed a huge increase in your electricity usage, this is likely a sign that your pump is working double or triple time to supply your water. And, it’s probably working so hard because a pipe is either damaged or clogged.  When this happens, your pump draws more energy which is gobbled up by the pump’s extra hard work. And you pay for it in your electricity bill.

This can also occur if a check valve Is broken. So, if your energy or electrical bill has significantly shot up even when you thought you were doing your diligence regarding regulating water usage, call your water well professional. 

Sputtering faucets are spitting out water and air. If you notice that the faucets are spewing out water and air in a sputtering, splattering manner, the water well pump has become positioned too far above the level of the groundwater. This happens with the groundwater level drops and the water pump can no longer easily draw enough water so a steady supply is provided. When the steady supply becomes inconsistent, the spitting starts. As a mix of water and air, the sputtering water supply creates a mess and is very inconvenient.  

An additional threat when the water well is above groundwater level is that gases are drawn in conjunction with the air. Now the quality of your water is at risk because the gases tend to mix with the water. Another possibility regarding a spitting faucet that is releasing air and water is a pipe that has become damaged.

But, regardless of what it might be, when your faucets are sputtering out air with your water in an inconsistent stream, it is time to schedule an appointment with your water well professional.

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