Five Possible Reasons Why Your Sterling Heights, MI Water Pump Keeps RunningFive Possible Reasons Why Your Sterling Heights, MI Water Pump Keeps Running

A running pump signifies trouble. It also signals that both water and power are being wasted and you are losing out on your house resources. A running well water pump is one of the most common pain points among Sterling Heights, MI residences. Fortunately, it is a problem that has solutions. To have your pump up and running as before, you need to understand why your well water pump is running non-stop? Here are some of the reasons why your pump is not stopping.

You have a Faulty Pressure Switch

If your submersible pump just refuses to stop, chances are the pressure gauge has malfunctioned, causing the pump to go on and on. While it may be hard for you to detect the problem, an expert will take only a couple of minutes to find and fix the issue.

Your Pump is Really Old

As will all mechanical equipment, well water pumps eventually give out with time. Once the pump has crossed its expected life span, the functionality deteriorates. If you can relate to such a situation, we are sure you have not changed a pump over several years. If your plumber confirms that it’s the issue of a pump that has aged, it would make sense to replace it.

The Piping System Has a Leak

A common reason for pumps to be running endlessly is a leakage somewhere in your plumbing system. If you are able to examine a leak by yourself, reach out to a plumbing expert. Checking your plumbing system is not an easy task. The plumbing expert will examine your home’s plumbing system to detect the problem and provide a prompt solution.

Your Pump’s Pressure Control Has Become Defective

Another reason why your pump is not working is possibly the pressure control which is not set properly. If contact points on it are burned or say the tubes get blocked, your pump will be running nonstop. This problem requires a pro and his knowledge and expert hands to get this issue sorted. A pro tip: Don’t try to fix it with a trial-and-error method by yourself as the problem can become worse.

You Have an Impaired Pump

In case you are unaware, your submersible pump pulls water and puts it into the pressure tank situated at the well’s bottom. If the pump is damaged due to a hole or a puncture, it stops the pump from functioning normally. In the majority of cases, the damage is brought about by corrosion. Whatever be the cause of the impairment, this is yet another issue that you can solve only with the help of an expert.

Finishing Thoughts

The benefits of a well water pump are known to Sterling Heights, MI homeowners. So, when there is a common issue with a pump, it won’t stop running, it welcomes unnecessary trouble but remember that the problem can be solved. However, to fix a running pump, call an expert first to figure out what is the source of the problem. You can save a lot of money and time by figuring out the problem on priority.

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