4 Signs Indicating You Need to Replace Your Water PumpIf you have a well in your home, you need to ensure all its components function optimally to enjoy an uninterrupted water supply. One component that should always be in tiptop condition is the pump. A pump that’s not functioning well will cause problems such as lack of water, air spits from faucets, and more.

So, how do you know it’s time to replace the water pump?

Here are signs to look out for:

Lack of water

The most obvious sign that you need to replace your well pump is when it fails to supply to your house. The problem may be caused by different causes, which in most cases are fixable by a professional, and other times not fixable. Some causes of no water in your house that can be fixed include a blown fuse or a broken component.

The best way to solve the problem is to engage a professional. A professional water expert in Imlay City, MI, will examine your well pump and advise you on whether your pump needs repair or replacement.

Air spitting

If faucets in your home start dispensing air or breaking water supply when turned on, you should immediately call a water expert near you. Leaky pipes cause air spitting or inconsistent water supply from faucets.

When pipes have cracks, they let in air which causes faucets to spit air when turned on. Although this problem may not be related to your water pump, it can damage your pump in the future.

Air spitting can also occur due to a faulty pressure tank, and only a professional can help you detect where the problem is coming from. Therefore, call a reputable water professional in Imlay City, MI, if you notice your faucets spitting air.

Low water pressure

The main culprit for decreased water pressure is a failing water pump. The problem emanates from the pressure tank. One issue that might be causing reduced water pressure is a broken pressure tank, which lowers the force with which water is pumped. Again, only a professional can diagnose this problem.

Another cause of low water pressure is decreased water volume. The problem can be rectified by cleaning the pipes. This, too, requires the services of an expert. Therefore, if you experience low water pressure at home, engage a professional to solve the problem.

Dirty water

When you see dirty water in your faucet, the chances are that your water pump is faulty and needs replacement. Dirt and sand get into the pumped water when the pump is far from the well. Also, a large pump than what is required lets in sand and dirt. If you notice dirt in your water, you should hire an expert to have it checked. A professional will advise you if the pump needs replacement.

Overall, remember that water pumps need regular maintenance to serve you for many years. Detecting problems early helps to prevent the costs of replacement. However, if problems persist, it’s high time to consider investing in a new pump.

Call a professional plumber to have the pump checked.

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