Winter Protection for your Well

Winter means giving extra attention to everything – indoors and outdoors. From your home’s insulation and plumbing to your car, preventive measures to protect your indoor and outdoor living spaces form the effects of winter must become a priority.

And, as you’re taking inventory of all the tasks you must complete before winter’s cold, snow, wind, and ice blast in and around every aspect of your life, don’t forget to give your well some much-needed attention.

By tending to your well, before winter’s onset, you’ll be taking the important steps to help prevent a broken well pump or a frozen well.

You know your climate. So, take into consideration the typical type of winter weather your area experiences and keep I mind the extremes it can go to during the winters that are reported as exceptionally or unusually cold or snowy.

Here is a checklist of what the preventive steps you must know and do in order to protect your home from winter – all based upon your well.

Do you have a knowledge of the specs and details about your well? Do you know how deep it is? If so, it’s less likely to freeze during extended cold snaps. But, if your well is shallow, consult wit a professional well driller to get an assessment on its depth and the risk of freezing should the temperature become bitter cold for a long period of time.

Get your pipes and well checked by a professional. A call to a well drilling service to schedule an inspection of your pipes and well cannot be disregarded before winter really kicks in. Give your well and the pipes connecting to it the opportunity to have any leaks, no matter how small, fixed before they become serious problems. No homeowner ever wants to have a problem with their well, but it’s far worse when it occurs during the height of winter.

Your pipes will need to be insulated. All pipes need insulation. But, the pipes in your well house are particularly vulnerable and therefore, need additional care ad attention. Exposed pipe freeze – and often very quickly. So, don’t neglect to put a nice warm winter blanket or coat on them the protect them, keep them warm and prevent them from freezing. This is a well owner’s nightmare. But it’s avoidable but taking this critical, preemptive step.

Light your well house. Lights emit warmth. So, it’s worth your while to consider having a light installed in your well house. You’ll want a light that is able to be turned off when the temperatures start dropping below freezing. You may be surprised to know that just a little bit more light can make the difference between enough warmth and not enough warmth.

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