Why does your pump run all the time?

Why does your pump run all the time? Anything that runs continuously is unsettling. It’s the sound and the sign that energy and water are being wasted. And, it’s also an indicator that your floor or walls are being damaged. In short, constantly running water is a costly, disconcerting sound – especially when you are not sure what is causing it, how much damage is being caused, and what is involved in making it stop.

This really holds true when your well pump is running nonstop. In fact, this problem is right up there with a pump that is not closed securely as one of the biggest dissatisfactions people have with their pumps. And, in this case – a pump that won’t stop running – there are a variety of possible causes. So, it’s not necessarily a cut and dried situation to fix.

There is a range of reasons why your pump won’t stop running, among them are:

Leaks in the plumbing system – This is the main reason why your well pump continuously runs. In this case, it is imperative that you reach out to your water well pump professional service provider. Only a professional well water pump expert can inspect your plumbing system in its entirety to the depth and extent necessary to discover the source of the leakage.

Issues with the pressure gauge – A constantly running water well pump is in malfunctioning mode and it is possible that the source of the problem is the pressure gauge. If your pressure gauge is not capable of knowing when it needs to switch off, it is malfunctioning. Your professional service provider can repair the pressure gauge, and this will get the entire system running optimally once again.

Submersible pump issues – Do you know what your submersible pump is? If not, it’s important that you understand this vital aspect of your well system. This is the pump that brings water to the pressure tank which is located at the well’s bottom. If there is a puncture or hole in the submersible pump, it can render the pump unable to turn off. Furthermore, damage of any kind, including a hole, can be the result of corrosion. This is, even more, the case if the galvanized pipe is part of the pump.

Inaccurate pressure control setting – If the pressure control is not set properly, your pump can malfunction. Contact points that are burned or tubes that are clogged can be the culprits; it’s typically one of those two. In this case, the repairs to your water well pump must be done promptly because this is a problem that can get worse over time.

As aged pump – As every homeowner knows, every element and aspect of a home – from a window to a well – has a set lifespan. Things get old, they get run down. They age and then they expire and need to be replaced.  This means that in time your pump will work less and less efficiently. If you have gone many years without replacing or upgrading it, your water well system will likely need attention; attention that might include replacement.

When your system performs inefficiently, your pump will run continuously. As you know, this has costs associated with it. So, you should always be prepared.  If you have neglected your well or pump for a long time, it may be time to replace it.   

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