Why Are Water Softeners Ineffective In Treating High Iron Water In Waterford, MI

Why Are Water Softeners Ineffective In Treating High Iron Water In Waterford, MIIn Waterford, MI, high iron content in water is a major reason why homeowners are left with ugly, stained pots and sinks. Most Waterford, MI homeowners take the help of water softeners to eliminate iron from water. But they are almost always unsuccessful as water softeners are mostly ineffective.

This article focuses on explaining why water softeners do not work against high iron water in Waterford, MI. It also provides recommendations for Waterford, MI homeowners to help them get a permanent solution to the problem.

Why Can A Water Softener Not Remove Iron From Well Water?

Did you know that 0.3 parts per million of iron in water is enough to leave stains? The problem with water softeners is that while they can get rid of iron only when the quantity is low, they become ineffective when the iron quantity is high.

Most water softeners are effective for iron concentrations up to 1 part per million. In Waterford, MI, the iron content is usually towards the higher side. Thus, iron often finds its way into the water tables and aquifers, and from there it slips into domestic water supply systems. Thus, in Waterford, MI, and similar areas, water softeners don’t work when used to treat water hardness.

How Can Waterford, MI, Homeowners Remove Iron From Well Water

When attempts to remove iron in well water turn out to be unsuccessful, it leaves people frustrated and sometimes even compels them to sell their houses or drill up a new well. But before we provide our recommendations, let’s see why removing iron from water is so difficult.

Water may contain two types of iron, which are red water or ferric ion. This kind is detectable and thus, can be easily eliminated. The other type of iron is soluble ferrous iron, which as the name suggests is difficult to detect.

Now, let’s come to the ultimate question: What can Waterford, MI homeowners dealing with the problem of high iron water do? The answer is that they need to get an iron filter. Let’s see how it works:

The advanced oxidation chamber present in the iron filter oxidizes the iron in water and forms particulate matter and which gets trapped inside the media. The filtered material is eventually removed.

Keeping Iron Bacteria Out Of Your Well

Many Waterford, MI, homeowners do not know that even if the water coming out of the tap appears to be crystal clear, it can still be loaded with heavy metals, including ferrous iron. Iron bacteria are most commonly found in water tanks. Other than affecting the taste of water, they can lead to unimaginable health consequences.

Similarly, they can damage your pump. Getting rid of iron bacteria from water is quite easy – treat affected water by chlorination. If it still does not help, invest in an ozone or chlorine generator.

Concluding Thoughts

Waterford, MI homeowners who are dealing with problems related to the high iron content in water have two options to get out of the situation. They can either spend hours cleaning their sinks, toilet tanks, and floors. Or simply invest in a premium iron filter to get rid of this problem forever.

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