Why Are Water Softeners Ineffective In Treating High Iron Water in St. Clair, MIIn St. Clair, MI, high iron content in water is one of the major reasons why homeowners are left with stained pots and sinks. Most St. Clair, MI homeowners turn to water softeners to eliminate iron from water. But water softeners are typically ineffective. This article focuses on why water softeners are ineffective against high iron water in St. Clair, MI. It also covers what St. Clair, MI homeowners must do to get a permanent solution to the problem.

Why Are Water Softeners Ineffective in Removing Iron From Well Water?

Research shows that 0.3 parts per million of iron in water can leave stains. The issue with water softeners is that they can get rid of iron when the quantity is low. But, they become ineffective when the iron content is higher. A majority of water softeners are effective for iron concentrations up to 1 part per million.

In St. Clair, MI the iron content is higher. So, iron gets into the water tables and aquifers and slips into household water supply systems. Thus, in St. Clair, MI, and adjoining areas, water softeners fail to work against water hardness.

Why Most Can St. Clair, MI Homeowners Find It Difficult to Get Rid of Iron from Well Water

Water can typically contain two types of iron – ferrous (clear-water) iron or ferric (red-water) iron. Ferric iron is detectable easily. As a result, it is possible to eliminate it quickly too. The other type is soluble ferrous iron, which is relatively difficult to detect.

Iron is known for the harsh stains it leaves. Any appliance that is plumbed to the well is expected to become discolored from exposure to iron-rich water. Vivid orange streaks are likely to appear in the toilet bowl. Bright yellow and red trails are also common around the rim of sinks and drain surroundings. Bathtubs and showers will start discoloring from iron concentration in water. Even dishes and laundry are not safe from the unsightly red and brown staining after being washed up in the water with iron.

To get rid of the menace, homeowners need to invest in an iron filter. The oxidation chamber present in iron filters can oxidize the iron. It forms particulate matter, which gets trapped inside the media. The filtered material gets eliminated safely.

How to Keep Iron Bacteria Out Of Your Well

Many St. Clair, MI homeowners are unaware that even if water appears to be clear, it may be loaded with metals, including iron. Iron bacteria are commonly found in water tanks. Besides impacting the taste, the water can lead to severe health consequences.

Similarly, they can damage your pump. Removing iron bacteria from water is easy. You will have to treat the affected water through chlorination. Removing bacterial iron via this process may be labor-intensive, but it is worth removing the slimy contaminant. Shock chlorination introduces an intense concentration of chlorine to a well to thoroughly disinfect the water and the well itself. If this does not help, you can consider buying advanced ozone or smart chlorine generator.

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