Why Are Water Softeners Ineffective Against High Iron Water in Oakland County, MI?

Why Are Water Softeners Ineffective Against High Iron Water in Oakland County, MI?In Oakland County, MI, high iron content in water is one of the leading causes of stained sinks and pots. That apart, people living in this area also have to constantly battle the presence of iron bacteria in their toilet tanks. Most Oakland County, MI, homeowners use water softeners to solve the problem of high iron water. However, water softeners are mostly ineffective against the iron in the water. This article focusses on explaining the reasons that make standard water softeners useless against the problem of high iron water in Oakland County, MI as well as make recommendations regarding what homeowners in the area can do to permanently get rid of the problem.

Here’s Why Water Softeners Can’t Solve the Problem of High Iron Water

Do you know that when it comes to iron in water, even 0.3 parts per million are enough to cause staining and leave marks? The problem with water softeners is that while they can get rid of iron when it is present in a small amount, they become totally ineffective when the quantity of iron in water is high, primarily because water softeners are not designed to remove iron from water.

Most water softeners are effective for iron concentrations up to 1 part per million. In Oakland County, MI, the iron content in water is on the higher side. Thus, this high iron often percolates into aquifers and water tables, from where it reaches the domestic water supply. Thus, in areas like Oakland County, MI, normal water softeners designed to treat water hardness by getting rid of minerals prove ineffective.

Here’s What Oakland County, MI, Homeowners Can Do to Solve the Problem

So, what do Oakland County, MI, homeowners dealing with the problem of high iron content in water do? Get an iron filter. Let us explain how an iron filter water equipment works against the iron in the water.

Water can contain two different types of iron. Redwater iron or ferric ion is easily detectable and therefore, can also be easily extracted from water. However, the other type of iron is soluble in water and therefore, is very hard to detect. Oakland County, MI, homeowners dealing with this kind of iron must necessarily use an iron filter to get rid of the high iron content in water. Within the oxidation chamber of the iron filter, the iron present in water is oxidized into particulate matter and this particulate matter later gets trapped inside the media and removed.

And What Can Be Done About Iron Bacteria?

Yet another problem that many Oakland County, MI, homeowners face is that of iron bacteria. The iron bacteria are most commonly found around water tanks and on the back of the toilet. Other than affecting the quality and taste of water, they can also lead to health issues. Similarly, they are also capable of damaging your water softener as well as the pump. Getting rid of iron bacterial isn’t all that difficult — treat water with chlorine. If that doesn’t work, spend some money on a chlorine or ozone generator.

The Final Word

Oakland County, MI, homeowners dealing with the problem of high iron content in water can spend hours and days cleaning their floors, sinks and toilet tanks. However, if they permanently want to get rid of this problem, the only option is investing money in a good iron filter. 

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