When To Call A Private Well Expert In Lake Orion, MI

When To Call A Private Well Expert In Lake Orion, MIMost homes in Lake Orion, MI have private wells. There are reasons for the increasing popularity of these wells over the past few years. These wells not only ensure an uninterrupted supply of safe water, but private wells also increase the resale value of the home. However, to date several Lake Orion, MI homeowners are unaware of getting private water well and the importance of maintaining them.

Lake Orion, MI private water well owners must know that private wells- just like any other equipment in the house – have a lifespan and are most likely to suffer wear and tear. Regular maintenance is imperative to boost the performance of water wells. Negligence can lead to water quality and pressure issues. In the worst cases, your water well will become dry. Thus, if you encounter any issue with your water well, call the experts and request a thorough examination of the whole system.

Signs To Call A Private Well Professional

Even if your well is working properly and you have encountered no particular issues, you should schedule maintenance checkups. If you do not already have a maintenance plan in place, here are the signs that you need to do an urgent maintenance check:

Your Power Bill Has Surged All Of A Sudden

If your electricity bill has increased to twice or thrice the usual amount, there is a high possibility that something is wrong with the water well’s pump. It may happen that the pump is working harder than usual.

When a pipe gets damaged or clogged, the pump needs to put in more effort than usual to draw water. Even if the valve breaks, the pump needs to put in more work. The extra work that the pump does under such circumstances reflects in the electricity bill. A huge power/utility bill is the first sign that your private well needs attention.

The Faucets in Your Lake Orion, MI Home Are Malfunctioning

If faucets in your home are spluttering air and water, you are dealing with a problem that can affect the life of your private well. When the pump becomes positioned above the groundwater, the faucets in the house start spewing air and water. Not only does this lead to your house being in a mess, but this also increases the chances of contaminants in the water. Faucets throw out air and water when a pipe is damaged.

Irrespective of the cause, spluttering faucets indicate a big issue with the private water well system. So, if you find that your faucets are spluttering water and air consistently, reach out to a private well expert to perform regular checkups.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are a homeowner who has already installed private water well, then you have made a wise choice. For those who have not yet, there is still time to get one installed. But remember to maintain them from time to time to keep them functioning optimally. If you need help further, get in touch with us.

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