What You Need to Know About Water Pressure in Oakland County

Franklin Electric constant pressure systemWater pressure: It’s something we take for granted when it comes to our property’s water supply. As soon as you open your faucet, you’re greeted with a good flow of water. This only happens because you get the appropriate water pressure in your plumbing. Without it, even washing the dishes becomes a hassle.

Having the correct water pressure for your needs means maintaining a delicate balance. It can’t be too high or too low. If it’s not just right, not only will it make the task you wanted to do more difficult, it can also damage your plumbing and its related equipment.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What does water pressure have to do with your plumbing?

Simply speaking, water pressure is the measure of how strong the water flows within your plumbing. Going back to washing the dishes, if the water comes out of the faucet too strong, you’ll end up soaking yourself as well as the dishes. But if it’s too weak, it will be hard to actually wash those dishes.

Another example is when many people are using the water at the same time. Let’s say someone is showering while someone else is washing the car. The water pressure will fluctuate for both of them because the water pressure you have can’t keep up.

What are common issues that affect water pressure?

Let’s assume your plumbing doesn’t have any issues with obstruction in water flow. Are you still experiencing water pressure woes? If the pressure is too weak or is fluctuating, perhaps your water pump isn’t able to keep up with demand. But if the pressure is too strong, you’ll need some additional equipment to help regulate the water flow.

The ideal scenario is to have constant water pressure all throughout your property. No matter how many people use the water, the goal is to be able to accommodate them all at the same time.

How can you fix these issues?

If the pressure is too weak, you can install an additional pressure tank to help increase it. But this solution doesn’t address the issue when demand is high, such as when the shower, dishwasher, and garden hose are being used at the same time.

If the pressure is too strong, you can install a device called a constant pressure valve to automatically adjust the water flow to the right pressure. Its limitation is that it can only adjust the water pressure to as high as your water pump can go.

The more sophisticated but more versatile solution is to install a constant pressure system. This includes a variable speed pump that can deliver higher pressure water than conventional pumps while also being able to lower the pressure to just the right amount. You may not even need a pressure tank if you have a constant pressure system. It can regulate the water pressure even when demand is at its highest.

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