What to Expect When Having Your Almont Water Well Drilled

What to Expect When Having Your Almont Water Well DrilledIf you’ve been considering having a water well drilled on your property, it might seem like a daunting task. You may be wondering what exactly goes into having your Almont water well drilled and how long it will take. In order to understand exactly what to expect when having a water well drilled, it’s important to understand how exactly your water well works.

The Basics Of Water Wells

A water well is a structure used to retrieve water from deep below the ground in an underground aquifer. There are several elements to your water well. The well casing, a long steel pipe, is placed into the ground and extends to the aquifer. A pump is used to draw water up from the aquifer and distributes it through a pressure tank that is attached to your home’s plumbing.

The pressure tank stores water and provides pressure for your showers and faucets. If water pressure is an issue for your family, a constant pressure system is a great alternative. A constant pressure water pump is connected to a control panel that monitors the pressure of your water to maintain a constant flow.

The Process of Having Your Almont Water Well Drilled

The first step toward having your Almont water well drilled is finding the right company. Experienced water well drillers ensure that the entire process goes smoothly! Your water well drillers will walk your property to determine the best location to have your Almont water well drilled.

Once a safe and effective location has been found, the drilling can begin. A 5 to 10-inch power drill is used to create an opening in the dirt and rocks below. The depth of the hole depends on the distance to the aquifer, with many water wells reaching 100 ft. When the drilling is completed, the casing for your well is placed into the hole and sealed with cement to prevent it from moving. The process of having your water well drilled and installed generally takes one to two days.

The Final Touches

After your water well has been drilled, your water pump is installed to draw water up through your well casing. This is a great time to add a constant water system to ensure that you have a steady flow of water for all your needs.

Before you can start using your new water well, it’s important to have your water quality tested. The testing can be completed by your water well experts and can take anywhere from one to three days. If necessary, your water well will be purified and re-tested to ensure that you have safe drinking water for your family. This water testing should be done annually as part of regular maintenance.

Your Local Water Well Experts

Your local water well experts ensure that the process of having your Almont water well drilled goes smoothly. With over 35 years of experience, Ries Well Drilling is dedicated to having your Almont water well installed properly and in an efficient manner. Give Ries Well Drilling, Inc a call today at (586) 784-9516!

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