What to Do When Your Well Pump Won’t Hold Pressure

What to Do When Your Well Pump Won't Hold PressureA typical modern private well is one of the best water resources — it provides years of excellent service while requiring minimal maintenance. These water wells are also both environment-friendly and cost-effective. Naturally, these have gained increasing popularity in the US, especially in St. Clair, MI. However, time-to-time maintenance is imperative for the optimum functioning of these wells. Low pressure is one of the most common issues associated with private water well pumps. In many cases, well pumps are unable to hold pressure. The good news is that there are some basic tricks to fix this issue. Read this article to know more about these tricks.

Make Sure Your Pressure Tank is Operational

The first thing you have to confirm is that your pressure tank is still functional. If the pressure tank has become waterlogged or is not functional due to any reason, it will be incapable of instructing the pressure switch to supply water with optimum pressure.

To check the pressure tank, you will need the PSI level information mentioned on your tank. If you fail to find the information, request the manufacturer to share the same with you. Once done, place the gauge on the air fill valve on your tank to check the PSI level. The PSI level has to be 2 PSI below the cut-in point, where the pressure switch stops working.

Check if the Pressure Switch is Working

If the water flow has stopped totally, inspect if the pressure switch is still functional. Sometimes, water flow stops when the pressure switch shuts down. If the water delivery system attached to the pressure tank draws excessive water or puts tremendous pressure on the system, the pressure switch can shut down the entire system.

In such a case, you will have to restart the pressure switch. In some cases, the pressure switch keeps the system shut even after reactivation. You can try dealing with a dysfunctional pressure switch by shutting down all the water valves linked to the system and switching those on once again.

The Step Ahead

If after running the necessary maintenance checks you realize that water flow is stunted, check the tank for rust and water discoloration. If the water in the tank is discolored or is giving out a weird smell, seek professional help. If the pump is unable to hold pressure, take action to fix the problem. Leaving the problem untreated can cause severe damage to the entire sewage system.

Water wells usually have good longevity. However, improper maintenance can significantly bring down their longevity. Carry on periodic maintenance checks, and during these routine checks, if you see that there is a problem you cannot solve by yourself, immediately reach out to an expert.

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