What happens when your Oakland County, MI well has supply issues?  And, what can be done?

Typically, many homeowners in the United States have their water supplied by their cities or counties. Or, as another widely popular, trending option is to have their own well. If you are one of those homeowners who have chosen to have a steady supply of water sourced from your own well, you are familiar with its advantages and benefits.

But you are probably also aware of some of the occasional inconvenient disadvantages; namely, when your well experiences a supply issue. When this happens, the water pressure is compromised.  If you can relate to this circumstance, you may be aware that low water pressure can be due to a tank or pump problem.

Here are the most common reasons for a water well experiencing low water pressure.

The pressure tank – This tank has an all-important function – it stores and transfers water to your plumbing fixtures on an as-needed basis. This pressure tank maintains the specific ratio of water to air in the interior of the tank. This is how it is able to supply the water at a specific pressure. But it can become waterlogged. And then, the ratio of water to air pauses, which causes the tank to overfill. At this time, the pressure tank can’t do its job and the water supply isn’t provided at the necessary pressure. This usually occurs in pressure tanks that are galvanized.

If your pressure tank gets seriously waterlogged, it becomes increasingly difficult to re-pressurize it and you might have to replace it. But, of course, only an expert can accurately make that determination.

The pump – Of all the causes, perhaps the most common culprit for low well water pressure is when the pump is broken. When the pump is working optimally, it should only take between three and five minutes for the pressure tank to fill. If it’s taking longer than the maximum length of five minutes the pump is probably broken.

There are a couple of other clues indicating a broken pump you should also know about. These clues are easy for you to detect once you have awareness. The first is your electricity bill; if you have seen a spike in your electricity usage and costs, you just might have a broken pump. Also, if you are hearing a lot of loud sounds like thuds, you should at the very least get your pump checked. Once again, rely on a professional to check out your pump.

The system – A system that is leaking can also bring on low water well pressure. If there are leaks of any kind between the plumbing fixtures and the well pump piping, low water well pressure can result.

Typically, these leaks are prompted by pipes that are damaged or rust that has formed inside your pressure tank. Leaky systems are troublesome and technical. Only a professional can accurately, properly assess the problem and the solution.  

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