What Causes Water Pressure to Go Up and Down in Your Clarkston, MI Home

Well Water Pressure Clarkston, MIIs water pressure in your Clarkston, MI home sometimes too strong, and sometimes it is just about a trickle? If the water pressure in your home has been fluctuating unpredictably, you may feel frustrated and be confused about the reasons that could be causing the problem.

The water pressure can go up and down in the same outlet with time, or there may be different pressures at different parts of your Clarkston, MI home. To get to the bottom of the underlying issue of fluctuating water pressure, it is important to check the potential causes. Here are some of the common causes of water pressure fluctuation.

High Water Usage

One of the most common reasons behind water pressure fluctuating is heavy water consumption from several outlets simultaneously. Many appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher consume water in large quantities. As a result, when the appliances use up water, say, for instance, the home washing machine is getting filled up, the pressure in the other faucets of your home can weaken.

Even high water usage on the same mainline as you, such as neighbors’ filling up their pool or using water for landscaping purposes can result in the pressure in your water supply fluctuating significantly. It is a good idea to keep an eye on your neighbors’ water usage to understand if that is causing the water supply to be affected.

Water Sprinkler Woes

Water sprinklers use a large amount of water, especially for a long time, weakening the pressure in other faucets in your home. So, it is common that when the sprinkler system is switched off, the pressure in other faucets increases suddenly, resulting in spills or splashes.

Common Plumbing Problems

Most Clarkston, MI homeowners jump to the conclusion stating that the underlying issue is due to plumbing problems. Only in some scenarios, and not always, is this true. If the main pipes or the entire plumbing system in your home have turned too old, chances are that they may be constricted, clogged, and filled with debris. As pipes clog or leak, water pressure can fluctuate. If there is a possibility of a leak in your aged plumbing system, it is essential that you call a specialist and inspect the matter as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the main municipality water supply line could be encountering issues like a blockage or a leakage, which can affect the water supply at your place. You should also observe if the varying water pressure is a problem that is consistent all throughout the house or in a few faucets. In case it is the latter, rusting or calcium build-up within pipes may be the issue.

Concluding Thoughts

Fluctuating water pressure must be examined and fixed on priority as sometimes it can lead to problems such as a pipe bursting and flooding. You can also try installing an advanced constant pressure system. It will ensure that all faucets in the house have a consistent water pressure irrespective of how much water is being consumed. If that does not solve your issue, don’t think twice before you get in touch with a plumbing specialist in Clarkston, MI for expert advice on water pressure problems.

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