Two Important Signs That Say It’s Time to Call a Private Well Expert in Lapeer County, MI

Romeo Well Drilling Company Explains 3 Problems That Occur When Well Owners Forgo MaintenanceMost homes in Lapeer County, MI, have private wells. Over the last few years, the popularity of private wells has increased considerably. Until a few years ago, a common sight only in the country and rural homes, private wells are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country these days. Other than ensuring an uninterrupted supply of safe drinking water, private wells also build up the value of a property. Unfortunately, most Lapeer County, MI, homeowners do not understand the importance of maintaining their private wells.

The first thing that Lapeer County, MI, private water well owners must know is this: your private well, like everything else in the house, will undergo wear and tear and thus, regular maintenance is crucial to boost the life and performance of the water well. Negligence can lead to water quality and pressure issues and in the worst-case scenario, your water well, becoming completely dry. Thus, if you see any problem with your water well, immediately call an expert and ask them to run a thorough check on the entire system.

These Are Signs That Say It’s Time to Call a Private Well Expert

Even if your well is working properly and you have encountered no particular issues, you should still arrange for a regular maintenance check-up. But, how does one know it is time to arrange for a routine check-up?

Your Power Bill Has Suddenly Gone Up

If your electricity bill has suddenly increased to twice or thrice the normal amount, there is a very high chance that something is wrong with your water well’s pump and the pump is working more than usual. When a pipe becomes clogged or damaged, the pump has to put in more work than is usual to pull water. Similarly, the pump also has to put in more work when the valve is broken. This extra work done by the pump shows in your electricity bill. A huge power/utility bill is the first sign that your Lapeer County, MI home private well needs immediate attention.

The Faucets in Your Home Are Throwing Air and Water

If the faucets in your home are spluttering air and water, you are dealing with a problem that can affect the life of your private well. When the pump becomes positioned way above the groundwater, the faucets in the house start spewing water and air. Not only does this lead to your house becoming a mess, but this problem also increases the chances of contaminants entering your water supply. Faucets also throw out water and air when a pipe has become damaged. Whatever the case, spluttering faucets indicate a big issue with your private water well system. So, if your faucets are spluttering water and air, immediately call a Lapeer County, MI, private well expert to perform a regular check-up.

Key Takeaway

If you have installed private water well in your Lapeer County, MI, home, you have made a smart decision. However, be smart in the long run and make sure your private well gets the care and attention it needs.

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