Troubleshooting Problems With Your Well Water Pump

Water is one of life’s essentials. Apart from the fact that you won’t last long without drinking it you also need it for cleaning, cooking, and many other uses. If you get most of your water from a well then you can be in deep trouble if your well pump stops working. Here are a few tips on what to look out for if the well water stops flowing so that you can get the water running again as quickly as possible.

Is the pump getting power?

It’s always best to check the simplest things first. If the pump isn’t working at all and there’s no indication that it has power running to it then the electricity supply has probably been interrupted. If you still have power on at the house then check the pump’s circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. Toggle the circuit breaker on and off to see if the power starts flowing again. If the circuit breaker triggers again then you should get an electrician to take a look at the pump electrics as there may be a short causing the breaker to trigger.

Is there water in the well and is it above the intake?

Drought conditions and other factors can temporarily lower the local water table below the level the well is dug to. Check the bottom of the well and see if there is water down there. Depending on the depth and the setup of the well you can probably lower weight on a piece of string down to the bottom of the well and see if it comes back up dry. Make sure you don’t foul the water intake in the process. If the well is dry then you can either wait out the drought and source your water elsewhere temporarily, or you can get someone to dig the well deeper.

Is the pump intake blocked?

Sediment, plant matter, and loose material can block the intake and stop the water from being sucked up. Depending on what your intake plumbing setup allows try back-flushing the intake pipe to see if this clears a temporary blockage. If not then you’ll probably need to dismantle the intake pipe and give it a thorough clean to remove any built-up sediment or blockage. Also check for any corrosion in the piping to see if it needs replacing.

Is the air pressure in the pressure tank low?

The pressure tank contains a rubber bladder filled with water and surrounded by air under pressure. The air pressure forces the water in the bladder to flow into your house’s plumbing system. If the pressure is low then the bladder may be leaking water into the part of the tank that is meant for air. You can use a standard tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure in the tank. Look for a tire valve at the top of the pressure tank. The correct pressure should be marked on the tank somewhere near the valve. If the low pressure indicates a burst bladder then the tank will likely need replacing.

Is the pump making noise but no water is getting to your house?

If the pump is making an occasional clicking sound but the water isn’t flowing then this could indicate that the problem is further down the line. The clicking sound indicates that the pump is engaging, so it’s probably not an issue with either the water supply, the intake, or the pump itself. The problem is likely a blockage or some other problem with the plumbing that carries water to your house. At this point, you probably need to call a professional to take a look at it as their specialist knowledge and tools are going to be required to track down and fix the issue. You will probably need to shut down the pump too, as leaving it running in this situation may cause damage.

Regular maintenance of your well plumbing and pump can stop a lot of these issues from occurring and make them more manageable if they do occur. Set up a regular schedule for checking the health of the well infrastructure to make sure it keeps running as intended. If you let the state of the well deteriorate too much you can find yourself in deep trouble with no water and some hefty repair bills.

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