Top Three Things You Need to Know Before Digging a Private Water Well in Romeo, MI

Top Three Things You Need to Know Before Digging a Private Water Well in Romeo, MIMany households in Romeo, MI use a well for water supply. And as with many features of a house, well water is not necessarily all bad or all good. However, Romeo, MI homeowners with personal water wells will tell you that getting a water well is not easy. It does not start and end with choosing a contractor and beginning the drilling process. In reality, there are several steps before the drilling starts. In this article, we will discuss the steps to undergo to get your private water well in Romeo, MI.

Start by Getting the Required Permit

The first step to getting private water well is getting permission. Unlike what many individuals think, you cannot start digging a well on your property. You will need permission from local authorities to start digging. In other words, to dig private water well on your property, you have to visit the local government office. What will help you is some research beforehand on the rules about well-digging on your private property. The people at the office will guide you about the kind of permit you will need. Only when you are clear, apply for the permit.

If you are unsure about the rules and regulations, we suggest that you take the help of any professional contractor. Professional contractors are aware of rules and can guide you on things you can do and those you need to avoid.

Check If Your Property is Eligible To Have a Well

Water wells can become low-yielding or dry. If that happens, most homeowners are compelled to start the digging process once again. This entails ending up spending more money. Thus, before hiring a professional contractor and asking them to begin the well digging process, get your property inspected. Seek help from a professional who can examine your home to inform if your property can be dug for a well. If the experts suggest that the chances of a private well in your property going dry are high, you need to avoid digging.

Hire a qualified constructor and have them check the surface below the ground. This will help understand if a private well will work or not. That apart, talk to your neighbors – they, too, will be able to give you feedback on whether it is a good idea to construct a well on your property.

Check the Water Table and Water Quality

If the water table in your area is low, the water well is likely to run dry. Thus, before you start digging a well on receiving a permit, ensure that you check the water table. You need to see if it can be trusted for supporting a decent amount of water supply. Also, ask your neighbors with private wells if the water quality in the area can be trusted. Such simple things are going to save hard-earned money from being a waste.

Concluding Thoughts

Most properties in Romeo, MI, support private water wells. It is, however, a great idea to have everything checked in advance.  Give Ries Well Drilling Inc a call to answer any questions you may have about well water drilling, well water maintenance, or anything well water-related.  We can be reached at (586) 784-9516!

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