Top 8 Water Well Maintenance Tips

Top 8 Water Well Maintenance TipsAre you a well owner in Oakland County, Michigan struggling to maintain your water well? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Water wells don’t usually come with a user’s manual that’s why private well owners need help in maintaining their water wells. Here are the top 8 tips that will surely help you with well maintenance in Oakland County, Michigan.

1. Always Contact a Professional for Well Service

Most well owners in Oakland County, Michigan fail miserably while trying to service their private water well. Well cleaning companies have proper equipment and skilled professionals who are highly experienced in this field. Therefore, you should always hire a professional for well service instead of trying to do it yourself.

2. Don’t Ignore Preventative Maintenance 

Preventative maintenance is an important element of well maintenance in Oakland County, Michigan. It will reduce the chances of your well breaking down and your water getting contaminated. Well owners often think of preventative maintenance as wastage of money and wait for the problem to surface until they contact a professional for repair. Preventative maintenance is a smart move and you should incorporate it in your well maintenance routine if you wish to save money in the long run.

3.  Know the Basics of Water Well Servicing 

Before calling a professional for well servicing, you must know what the basics of the servicing process are. It includes four steps. The first one is a flow test to see how your well system is working coupled with monitoring the effects of pumping on water level, working of the pump motor, pressure tank and pressure switch, and assessing the quality of water.

The second step involves checking the well equipment to make sure it meets the local standards. The third step is a bacterial and chemical examination of the water to check if it is fit for consumption. Lastly, the professional service company should provide you with a written report of the results obtained.

4. Prepare a Well Maintenance Checklist

For proper well maintenance in Oakland County, Michigan, you must prepare a checklist and use it for maintaining your well. It should cover the following points:

  • Make sure to use certified pump installers and well drillers.
  • Schedule well maintenance tests every year or when you feel a change in the quality of water.
  • Keep chemicals and waste materials away from your well.
  • Regularly check the cover present on top of your well for faults and repair them immediately.
  • Always make sure that the top of your well is one foot above the ground and there is a proper slope for drainage.
  • Be careful while mowing your lawn. Leaves might fall into the well if the casing is broken.
  • Keep all well maintenance reports and construction reports in one place.
  • Get your well sealed after its useful life ends and get a new one constructed.

5. Look for Experienced and Skilled Professionals

Make sure you choose certified and skilled professional for well maintenance in Oakland County, Michigan. Do a quick research on the reputation and reliability of the contractor you’re choosing by asking your friends and family about them. Ask the contractor if they are insured and if they have the proper equipment and tools required for the job. Never settle for a contractor who doesn’t have the required skills and certifications.

6. Ask Questions to Understand Well Problems

After you’ve hired a contractor for well maintenance in Oakland County, Michigan, ask them to explain what’s wrong with your well and how will they solve the problem. Working closely with your contractor is a good idea because it will make you understand how the well system works.

7. Look for Old Water Wells near Your House

Old wells in your neighborhood that are no longer in use are a threat to your water system. They serve as a pathway for water contamination. Look around your neighborhood for abandoned wells and if you find one, contact a contractor to seal it.

8. Make Sure Your Well Is Clean Before Water Testing

Ensure that your well is clean before you get your water tested. A professional contractor can help you with that. They have the required equipment and tools that can easily detect if your well is dirty. Many well owners make the mistake of not cleaning their well before getting the water tested which results in false water reports. They think that the groundwater is dirty but in reality that’s not the case.

The above-mentioned tips will come in handy for well owners in Oakland County, Michigan. Follow these tips to keep your well healthy and enjoy a continuous supply of fresh and clean water.  Give Ries Well Drilling Inc a call to view your Oakland County, MI Water Well. We can be reached at (586) 784-9516!

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