Tips on How to Deal with Iron in Water in Oakland County, MIIf you are a resident of Oakland County, MI, then you probably know that high iron water is one of the major problems you’ll have to contend with. Water having high iron content causes problems because the iron present in the water leaves both stains and marks on the surfaces of pans and pots, as well as on bathroom tiles and sinks. Over the years, a significant number of Oakland County, MI homeowners have often tried to tackle this particular problem through the use of water softeners. Unfortunately, water softeners don’t provide a lasting solution simply because they are extremely ineffective against iron in the water.

If you are an Oakland County, MI, resident who is wondering how you can effectively minimize iron content in your water, you are in the right place. Today in this post, we want to provide you with virtually everything you would want to know regarding this topic and also offer a few proven tips on how to solve the problem.

So, why are water softeners highly ineffective against the iron water content in Oakland County, MI?

It has been proven by Oakland County, MI experts that iron content as low as 0.3 parts per million is potent enough to cause marks and stains. When the amount of iron in water is less than one part per million, water softeners can easily eliminate the iron from the water. But when the iron content is relatively higher than one part per million, which is what transpires in Oakland County, MI, water softeners can’t remove iron content from the water.

It is imperative to note that when the iron content is somewhat higher, the iron will eventually reach the water table and aquifers, before eventually finding its way into the residential water supply. And it’s the iron content that softeners are not able to treat in Oakland County, MI.

It is worth noting that a home’s water supply features two types of iron, including ferrous and ferric. In this regard, ferric iron is relatively easier to handle simply because it is easy to detect in your home’s water supply. On the other hand, ferrous iron can be quite tough to detect and hence difficult to treat as well.

As already explained, iron content in water causes stains as well as stubborn marks on surfaces. And this implies that any clothes washed using water high in iron content will make them look dirty and unsightly. What’s more, appliances and devices that are constantly exposed to water full of iron content will eventually get discolored. Dishes, as well as pots, will over time, develop reddish-brown stains. Usually, you can identify Oakland County, MI homes plagued with high iron content in water through dirty sinks, toilet bowls as well as drains characterized by red and yellow spots.

As we explained earlier, when the amount of iron in the water is abnormally high, water softeners will not help solve the problem. In Oakland County, the ultimate way to tackle this issue is by investing in a great iron filter. In case you didn’t know, iron filters usually feature an oxidation chamber, where the iron available in the water is oxidized into particulate matter, which is stuck inside the filter before being safely guided out of the chamber.

So, how do you tackle the iron bacteria problem?

Oakland County homeowners face another major concern; the iron bacteria inside storage water tanks. While your water may seem clean and safe for drinking, it could still contain harmful iron bacteria. Iron bacteria is not only harmful to your health but also causes damage to your well’s pump.

The best way to tackle these bacteria is through chlorination. While the entire chlorination process can be time-intensive and tough, it remains arguably the most effective way to eliminate iron bacteria. In Oakland County, MI, shock chlorination is perhaps the preferred method to deal with the iron bacteria problem. During this procedure, chlorine is administered into the water tank featuring iron bacteria in high concentration. The chlorine will thereafter disinfect the water entirely. If in any case, this technique proves unsuccessful, you can try purchasing a high-end ozone generator or smart chlorine!

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