Tips on How to Deal with Iron in Water in Lapeer County, MIIn Lapeer County, MI, one of the biggest grievances of homeowners is high iron water. Water with high iron content is a problem because the iron in water leaves stains and marks on pots and pans as well as bathroom tiles and sinks. Many Lapeer County, MI, homeowners tried solving this problem with the help of water softeners, only to find water softeners are completely ineffective against the iron in the water. This article is a must-read for those Lapeer County, MI, homeowners who have struggled with high iron water and have found water softeners ineffective against them. In this article, we get to the depth of this problem and make suggestions on how to solve it.

Why Are Water Softeners Ineffective Against the Iron Content in Water in Lapeer County, MI?

Experts in Lapeer County, MI, believe that iron content as low as 0.3 parts per million is strong enough to leave stains and marks. When the iron content in water is less than 1 part per million, water softeners can get rid of the iron in the water. However, when the iron content is higher than 1 part per million, which is the case with water supply in Lapeer County, MI, water softeners become ineffective. When the iron content in water is too high, the iron reaches the water table and aquifers and eventually makes its way into the household water supply. It is this iron that water softeners cannot treat in Lapeer County, MI.

A home’s water supply can contain two different types of iron: ferric and ferrous. Ferric iron is easier to deal with as it is very easily detectable in a home’s water supply. Thus, it is quite easy to get rid of ferric iron from the household water supply. On the other hand, ferrous iron is quite hard to detect, and therefore, hard to treat.

The problem with the iron present in water is that it leaves dirty stains and stubborn marks. Clothes washed with iron-high water look dirty. Appliances that are constantly exposed to the iron in water become discolored eventually. Pots and dishes develop reddish-brown stains over time. Homes in Lapeer County, MI, battling iron influx in water can be recognized by dirty toilet bowls and sinks and drains riddled with yellow and red spots.

Unfortunately, when the iron content in water is too high, water softeners prove ineffective. In Lapeer County, MI, the only way to deal with the iron in water is to invest in a good iron filter. Iron filters have an oxidation chamber, where the iron present in water gets oxidized into particulate matter, which gets trapped inside the iron filter, from where it is discarded safely.

Here’s How to Deal with Iron Bacteria

Lapeer County, MI, homeowners do not only have to deal with the iron in water but there is another menacing problem that they often find themselves dealing with: iron bacteria in water tanks. Your water may look completely clean and safe to drink, but it could be harboring iron bacteria. Iron bacteria are bad news for a person’s health. Further, they ruin the quality of drinking water as well as damage the water well’s pump.

The easiest way to deal with these iron bacteria, most commonly found in the water tank, is chlorination. Chlorination requires time and effort but is the most effective way to deal with iron bacteria. In Lapeer County, MI, the method used to deal with iron bacteria is shock chlorination. Under this method, chlorine is introduced into the water tank with iron bacteria in a high concentration. The chlorine, then, completely disinfects the water. If shock chlorination does not work for you, consider investing in smart chlorine or an advanced ozone generator.

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