Three Types of Pumps for Your Port Huron Water Well

Three Types of Pumps for Your Port Huron Water WellIf you live in Port Huron, chances are you have a water well that supplies your home with clean, fresh water. Most water well owners know regular maintenance is required to keep their well in proper working order. What many well owners don’t understand is the mechanics of their water well and the importance of each component. The pump to your water well plays an integral part in ensuring that your water well is functioning properly.

What Is a Water Well Pump?

In order to understand what a water well pump is, you must first have a basic understanding of how your water well operates. Water wells are drilled deep into the ground to draw water up from underground aquifers.  These wells can range from shallow wells, which are 25 feet below the ground, or deep wells, which can range from 50 feet to 100 feet below the ground.

The well casing, or large diameter pipe, is drilled deep into the ground to reach this underground water. The water pump draws water up through the pipe and then transports it to the storage tank. From the storage tank, water is then supplied to your home. In essence, the water well pump is the heart of your water pump because it allows the water to be moved from the ground to your home.

Three Types of Water Pumps

There are three main types of water well pumps. While each type is different, they all serve the same purpose.  Here are the three main types of water pumps and how they work.

  • Centrifugal Pump. Centrifugal pumps are primarily used for shallow water wells with a max depth of 25 feet. Centrifugal pumps suction up water with a small motor to power it. Centrifugal pumps only have one pipe to connect them to the borehole and water column. Centrifugal pumps are smaller and therefore cost less to operate and maintain.
  • Submersible Pump. Submersible water well pumps can be used for both shallow or deep water wells. This type of pump is high powered, which allows it to suction water from deep below the ground. As its name implies, this type of water pump is submerged directly in the well casing and pushes water up. Submersible pumps can last between 20 to 25 years but require professional maintenance and repairs due to the design of the pump.
  • Jet Pump. Jet pumps have two versions available: one for shallow water wells and one for deepwater wells. Like centrifugal pumps, jet pumps for shallow water wells can only draw water up from 25 feet below the ground. Deep well jet pumps are more powerful and can suction water up to 100 feet below the ground. Jet pumps are high pressured pumps that use two pipes rather than one to pump water at a high velocity.

Ensuring Your Pump Is In Working Order

Water pumps play a key role in ensuring your water well is functioning properly. Whether you have a centrifugal, submersible, or jet pump, regular maintenance and repairs are required to keep your water well running properly. If your Port Huron water well is due for maintenance, give Ries Well Drilling Inc., a call today at (586) 784-9516!

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