Three Things You Need to Know Before Digging a Private Water Well in Orion, MIHaving a private water source is a welcome perk. A homeowner will not need to pay a city water bill, and in many cases, the well can serve the purpose of tax deduction. Many Orion, MI homeowners choose the water well because they consider it to be healthier than water controlled by a municipality. With fewer chemicals present in well water, it is one of the safest choices for your health.

Most Orion, MI homeowners who have private water wells on their properties will tell you that getting a water well is not easy. It is not as simple as hiring a contractor and starting drilling the well. In this article, we will cover things a homeowner needs to know before digging private water well in Orion, MI.

#1 Get the Permit

The first step to getting private water well is getting permission. You can’t just start digging a well even if it is your property. You will need to seek permission from local authorities before you start digging. So, to dig private water well, you need to visit the local government office.

If this seems too complicated, we suggest you do some research regarding the rules of well-digging on private property. Officials can guide you about the type of permit needed. Once everything is clear to you, you may proceed to apply for permission.

If you think you do not have sufficient time to research or the rules seem too complicated, we suggest that you seek help from a professional contractor who is aware of the rules and can guide you on the pros and cons.

#2 Check If Your Property Can Have a Private Well

Some water wells can be dry or low-yielding. If that happens, most homeowners are compelled to start the digging process once again. Thus, before hiring a contractor and starting to dig the well, get the property inspected.

It is going to be easier if you hire a professional who can thoroughly examine the property. Only an expert can tell you correctly if your property is eligible for a private well. If the experts say that the private well may run dry, it is better to avoid digging.

Hire a qualified constructor and have them check the surface below the ground. This will help understand if a private well will work or not. That apart, you can speak to those residing in the same locality or neighbors. They will be able to give feedback on whether it will be beneficial to construct a well on the property.

#3 Examine the Water Table and Quality

If the water table in your area is low, the water well is likely to run dry. Thus, before you start digging a well, check the water table. Examine to see if it provides a decent water supply. Check with your neighbors to see if the water quality in the area is reliable. These things will save your hard-earned money from going to waste.

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