Three Common Methods of Water Well Drilling

Three Common Methods of Water Well DrillingMovies have often depicted water wells as the primitive wells that are seen in far off places that are simply a hole in the ground with a bucket to draw up water.  Anyone who owns a water well in the modern world knows that simply isn’t how the process works today.

Obtaining water with a water well is as simple as going to the sink to pour a glass of water or turning the shower on to release a spray of clean water.  There are no buckets or pulley systems required.  While well owners may understand the ease of obtaining their water, they may not fully understand what goes into having their water well drilled.  There are several different methods used when your water well is drilled, each giving you clean and fresh water for your home.

The Goal of Your Water Well

The goal when your water well is drilled is to reach an aquifer or water source deep below the ground.  That water is then drawn up through the plumbing system in your home to provide you with fresh water.  When your water well is installed, your contractors drill below the water table to ensure that you have an ample supply of well water available.

Methods For Drilling a Water Well

There are several methods used when drilling a water well.  Perhaps the most popular method used for water well drilling is rotary drilling.  Rotary well drilling works through the use of an assortment of bits, often cable or steel bits.  The bits on a rotary drilling rig bore into the earth and loosen the soil.  Rock pieces are carried to the surface as the drill turns, effectively drilling deep into the ground and clearing the area of debris.

Another common method used for water well drilling is cable tool drilling.  Cable tool drilling is a slower water well drilling method but can help cut costs on the installation of your water well.  The cable used in cable tool drilling refers to the multiple-strand steel rope that is attached to the drilling tools.  This method of drilling works by dropping a blunt chisel head repeatedly through the cable system to crack, chip, and smash the rocks below.

Some water wells are drilled using the auger drilling method.  The auger method of well drilling utilizes spiral augers, or tools with a large spiral bit, to drill into the ground.  The rotation of the blade in an auger drill causes the material to move out of the hole being drilled.  The auger drilling method is generally used in sandy areas or in combination with the cable tool drilling method.

Having Your Water Well Drilled

It’s always great to know the how behind things we may otherwise take for granted, such as clean drinking water.  For over 35 years, we’ve provided impeccable drilling services for our clients.  If you’re ready to have your new water well drilled, give us a call today at (586) 784-9516.  You’ll be able to see first hand the care we take to provide you with clean and safe drinking water.

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