Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving Forward with a Water Well Installation in Columbus, MI

Water Well Installation - Columbus, MIMost people rely on the water provided by their local utility company. After all, they’re efficient, convenient, and safe, for the most part. For those who want more control over the source of the water they use for drinking and other activities, a water well can be a good option.

If you want to make sure you’re making the right decision, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find the things you need to keep in mind before installing a water well.

Cost of the Project

As with any project, there is an associated cost to complete it. What’s important to note here is to find out where your money will go to make sure you’ll be paying the right amount.

When asking different well drilling contractors about how much an installation might be, it’s better to get an itemized list instead of a simple declaration of their estimated cost. The most common inclusions in such a list are the cost of drilling and casing per foot, the cost of materials, and the cost of testing and disinfection of the water.

Other expenses to be considered are the cost of additional work in case the well needs to be dug deeper or another well needs to be added to meet water use demands. There is also a cost involved if the installation needs to be abandoned if, for example, salt water is present or if another location has been selected for the well.

Contents of the Written Contract

Any type of work that’s to be done on your property needs to be documented properly. That’s what a fully-detailed written contract is for. It should contain all the important information about the water well installation.

One of the details that should be found in the contract is the specifications of the water well system. This can include the diameter and well thickness of the casing to be used, the type of process they’ll be using to install and check the water, and any details about the equipment to be installed for the entire system.

The contract must also include information about the insurance coverage for both the owner and contractor and a statement that the work to be done will comply with local and state laws and regulations. This information is crucial to ensure that everyone involved is accountable for the work.          

Quality of the Contractor

Evaluating the quality of the contractor isn’t as straightforward as the two items above. Unlike those two, it’s not enough to ask about this from the contractor themselves. It’s a good idea to check what other customers have said about working with the contractor to get an idea of their reputation.

Next, you need to find out if the well drilling contractor is licensed by the state and has the appropriate certifications. You also need to check if they have the appropriate equipment and if they’re familiar with the relevant health and safety codes.

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Once you have all this information, you should be more comfortable with having the contractor install your water well. But if you’re still having second thoughts, give Ries Well Drilling a call. As a water well company servicing Columbus, MI area,  that’s been around for over three decades, we’d be happy to address any concerns you may have. Get in touch with us today at 586-784-9516.

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