The Water Pump: The Heart of Your Water Well in Berlin Twp., MI

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Do you know how the water coming out of your faucets got there? If you’ve always relied on a local utility company for your water then it’s only natural that you’re not aware of the journey it took from the source to your property in Berlin Township. But if you’re looking to have a water well installed in Berlin Twp / St. Clair County, then you have to know everything about it. That includes where the water came from and how it will get to your plumbing.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the equipment that makes a modern water well work. In particular, we’re going to cover the basic details of the pump, which you can call the heart of the system.

What is a Water Pump?

The heart is responsible for circulating blood throughout the body. Since we’re comparing it to a water well pump, the idea is basically the same.

The pump is the device that does the actual work of bringing water up from the aquifer underground. You could say that everything else in the system is simply there to ensure that this job is done as reliably and efficiently as possible. Without the water pump, the rest of the system is useless.

In modern water wells, there are two types of water pumps commonly used: the jet pump and the submersible pump.

Jet Pump

A jet pump delivers water by using suction. To explain how a jet pump works, think of the system as a large straw. When you use a straw, you breathe in to create a vacuum that draws the water at the other end upward. The same principle is used with a jet pump.

But instead of just using air to suck the water from the ground, it uses the water itself. As the water flows through the jet pump, it creates a vacuum that sucks even more water through it.

Because it uses water to create the vacuum, a jet pump needs to be “primed” before it can be used. Priming involves filling it with water so that it can then use that water to create the necessary condition for the pump’s operation.

One of the advantages of a jet pump is that all of its mechanical parts can be installed on the surface. However, it is limited to shallow well depths for it to be able to operate correctly.

Submersible Pump

As the name implies, a submersible pump is actually immersed in the water. If a jet pump pulls water through suction, a submersible pump pushes water up to the surface. It can do this because the whole assembly is placed under water.

To protect the electrical parts inside, the pump’s motor is sealed inside the assembly. In addition, the submersible pump is connected to a power source on the surface.

Since it is submerged, there’s no need to prime a submersible pump. It simply needs to be installed correctly at the bottom of the well. And because of the way it operates, the depth of the well is less of a limitation for this kind of pump.

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