The Importance of Maintaining Your Well

The Importance of Maintaining Your WellYou should make no compromises when it comes to maintaining a well. This is important to ensure the safety of the household members. Not maintaining the well will put the health of the household at risk.

Often, people tend to ignore maintenance of a well. As a result, minor problems turn into expensive issues that require thousands of dollars in repairs.

A simple check every two to three years will be enough to avoid any potentially costly problems. Preventive maintenance is a matter of health, cost, and convenience.

Here are some simple tips for proper maintenance of your well.

1. Inspect the Well Cover

You should inspect the well cover once a month to ensure that it’s completely intact. This is important as a missing cap can result in water pollution.

In case the well cover is damaged, you need to immediately call a professional to repair the cap. Also, you need to call a professional to inspect the water quality to ensure that it has not been contaminated.

2. Routine Check-Up

The well water system should be checked every two to three years by a professional. The regular check-up should consist of the following tests.

  • Carry on a flow test to find out the output. Also, inspect the pump motor performance including grounding, amp load, and line voltage. The pressure of the tank and switch contact should also be checked.
  • Water quality check is also important. The water should be checked for the presence of E-coli bacteria and coliform.

3. Let a Professional Service the Well

You should never try to service the well yourself. Always let a professional carry on the required services.

Servicing of a well is not a DIY task. Most homeowners who try to service the well end up making it worse. There is also a chance that you break the pump and even get electrocuted when trying to repair the system.

The task of maintaining the well should be left to an experienced and professional contractor. Licensed professionals make use of special materials, tools, and techniques to inspect the water well and carry on repairs. They take great care not to contaminate the well.

4. Avoid Drinking Water from Well in Case of a Natural Disaster

In the uneventful case of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flooding or a landslide, you should stop drinking water from the wall. Contaminants can enter the well after a natural disaster.

Also, you should not wash using flooded water and keep a distance from the well to avoid the risk of an electrocution.

5. Only Contact Experienced Professionals

You should only contact experienced professionals for maintaining the well. Make sure that the contractor that you hire for maintenance of the well is professional and qualified.

Find out whether the contractor is aware of the applicable health and safety codes. You can learn about the reputation of the contractor by reading online reviews and testimonials. Lastly, you should always ask the contractor to provide a written agreement regarding the terms and scope of work.

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