The Difference Between Your Oakland County Water Well and City Water

The Difference Between Your Oakland County Water Well and City WaterWhether you already own a private water well or you’re considering having one drilled for your Oakland County home, it’s a good idea to understand the differences between a private water well and city water. Understanding just what each water retrieval method has to offer helps you make the most informed decision for you and your family. The differences between these two water sources aren’t just based off where their water source is from, but also several other important factors.

The Basics of City Water

City water is drawn from lakes and rivers. In Michigan, two common sources for city water come from the Detroit River and Lake Huron. Water from the Detroit River is taken in through Belle Isle and is treated in local plants. Water treatment plants filter and purify the water before sending that water through the water distribution system. The water distribution system refers to the underground pipes and plumbing systems that connect to our homes. Homeowners then have access to water, which they pay their city for.

The Basics of Water Wells

Well water is obtained by drilling deep into the ground to retrieve fresh water from underground aquifers. Once your water well has been drilled, water is drawn up from the ground using a water pump. Freshwater is then stored in a water tank or directly pumped into your home. Water wells often have a screen on them to prevent loose gravel or residue from being drawn up alongside your water source. Annual water testing and maintenance allows you to have a fresh water source for your family.

The Main Differences

The difference between city water and well water isn’t just based on where your water came from. Here are some of the biggest differences between city water and well water.

  • The cost. Since city water is treated and filtered through the city, you can expect to pay a higher cost for city water. Once you have your private well installed, you no longer have to pay a monthly fee for city water. Instead, your only cost for water is annual water well maintenance, which is significantly cheaper.
  • Both well water and city water should be safe to drink. That being said, with city water, you rely on the city to test and maintain your safe drinking water. In some areas, lead has been found in city water sources. With well water, it’s important to test your own water for any potential contaminants. This process allows you to be in control of your family’s safety.
  • City water is generally thought to be the more convenient option due to the city managing your family’s water source. However, many people don’t understand just how convenient water wells can be. Having your water well professionally drilled and annually inspected allows you to have a low maintenance and safe water source.

The Main Difference

The main difference between your Oakland County water well and city water is the peace of mind your water well can give you. Since you are in direct control of the water testing and maintenance, you can ensure that your family is drinking safe and clean water. If you’re ready to have your Oakland County water well drilled, give Ries Well Drilling, Inc a call today at (586) 784-9516!

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