The Benefits of a Constant Pressure Water System Over a Standard Pressure SystemSo you decided to install a water well and be in control over your own water source. But now you are faced with the decision of, “Should I go with a constant pressure system or a standard pressure system”? Ries Well Drilling is here to help you make the best-educated decision possible.

Enjoy More Space with a Smaller Pressure Tank

One benefit of a constant water pressure system is that you are able to maintain water pressure without using a large tank.  This is because you are depending on the well and pump – not the tank itself.

Standard pressure tanks are typically about 85 gallons and they are good for about 15 gallons of water a minute. If you require more than 15 gallons of water a minute, you will need to install a 119-gallon tank. If you require more than 30 gallons a minute, then you will need to install multiple pressure tanks.

On the other hand, a constant pressure system will provide up to 40 gallons of water per minute with just a 20-gallon tank.

Experience Less Pressure Pressure Fluctuation

In a standard well pump system, the pump will start once the pressure in the tank drops low, indicating a need for a refill. The pump starts when the pressure gets down to about 40 PSI and stops when it gets to 60 PSI.

But on a constant pressure system, there is a sensor that continually adjusts the speed of the pump to match the water demand.  So you will see very little fluctuation in pressure.

Mechanical Stress on the Pump is Reduced

Constant pressure water systems are easier on the pump because they have what is called a soft start. It takes about 2-3 seconds for the pump to get up to full speed while a standard pressure takes about one-tenth of a second to do so.

These soft starts on the constant pressure system will significantly increase the longevity of your pump.

Constant Pressure Systems Have Better Diagnostics

On the constant pressure systems, there are great diagnostics built into the control panel. They track the power supply, pump water level and also monitor the pressure tank to prevent problems like flooding. In the event that there is a problem with your water system, the constant pressure system will immediately turn off and the control panel will indicate exactly what is wrong.

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No one enjoys low water pressure. It takes longer for dishwashers and clothing washers to fill and showering can be difficult when trying to hunch under a weak trickle of water.

A constant pressure system is just like it sounds. It provides reliable, constant pressure where and when you need it.

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