The Advancement of Water Wells Throughout History

The Advancement of Water Wells Throughout History Many homeowners in rural areas are familiar with water wells.  Water wells are a great resource that provides safe drinking water in areas where city water isn’t an option.  Even when city water is available some homeowners are opting for water wells because of the low cost and the control over what’s in their drinking water.

While homeowners may enjoy the ease of their low maintenance water well, many are not aware of the history behind their water well and just how far modern technology has advanced the process of getting well water.

A Brief History of Water Wells

Water wells have been a resource throughout history, back through the eras of the Phoenicians and the Abyssinians. These ancient water wells were dug by hand to reach the aquifers below the ground.  The first successful mechanically drilled well was completed in 1808 by the Ruffner brothers.  Their crude well was created using a hollow sycamore tree that was set deep in the ground and braced.  A platform was built around the tree and buckets were used to catch the water from where the tree was placed.  The Ruffner brothers used horses to power their well, effectively drawing water and salt up from the ground.

Water wells have advanced by leaps and bounds since that first crude water well.  First with the introduction of steam power sources in the 1890’s and 50 years later with the invention of the internal combustion engine.

The advanced technology of modern wells allows for wells to be dug deeper and offers more control over the flow of the water.  Having a water well placed is no longer a costly, time-consuming task. Portable tools and internalized power sources make it possible for you to quickly and efficiently have a water well placed for your home.

Advancements of Constant Pressure

Older models of water wells made it difficult to stabilize the flow and pressure of the water going into homes.  Technology advancements have helped eliminate these pressure problems with the invention of the constant pressure system.  Gone are the days of showering with low water pressure!  The constant pressure water system is an electronically controlled water well that takes water samples to determine the pressure of water in the pipes.  This method ensures that you always have the water pressure that you need while monitoring your system to slow the flow of water down when you don’t.

What Does This Mean for You?

The advancement of technology in water wells ensure that you have safe drinking water and constant water pressure.  The new drilling methods also mean that there is minimal damage to your property when being placed.  While it’s always interesting to learn the history of things, realizing how far technology has come should make you feel grateful for the advancements made throughout the years.   You don’t have to grab buckets filled with water around a sycamore tree to get fresh drinking water.  You simply have to turn on the faucet to know that you have safe water to drink!

Consider having a water well placed on your property and see for yourself just how simple the process has become.  Give Ries Well Drilling a call today at (586) 784-9516 to get an estimate.

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