6 Reasons Why Your Pump is Running ContinuouslyA continuously running well is never a good sign. Ignoring the issue for too long can result in increased electric bills and damaged floors and walls. You should immediately address the problem before it creates more issues for you.

Among well pump problems, increased energy bills or poorly closed pumps are the most common complaints filed by homeowners. If you have a running well pump, there can be several causes instigating it.

Some of the reasons are discussed underneath.

1.     Damage in the Submersible Pump

Submersible pump delivers water to the pressure tank at the bottom of the well. Any hole in this pump can cause the inability of the pump to switch off. A hole or any other damage can be caused due to corrosion especially if your pump has galvanized pipe.

You need to call the water well pump service to address the problem right away because delaying can cause the hole to grow further. This will intensify the water well pump problem and result in higher energy bills. You can have the older pipe replaced with PVC pipes that are more durable.

2.     Plumbing Leaks

Leakage in your plumbing system can be another reason why you are having a continuously running well pump problem. This requires you to immediately seek out professional water well pump repair services. Have them perform an in-depth inspection of the entire plumbing system to determine where the leakage is.

3.     A Problem in the Pressure Gauge

If your well pump is malfunctioning, there could be a problem in the pressure gauge that is unable to determine when it should switch off. You can call the water well pump service to repair the gauge for you and have the system back to normal functioning.

4.     An Old Well Pump

Even well pumps have a lifespan. Its efficiency is bound to decrease with time. If you haven’t upgraded the pump in years, you should consider replacing the system. Lack of system efficiency can also cause the system to keep running. Having a well pump service inspect the system can help you address the problem.

5.     Incorrect Settings

Another reason why the pump can be malfunctioning is that pressure control is set incorrectly. This can either be due to clogged tubes or burned contact points. In any case, you should get the water well pump repairs immediately to prevent the problem from escalating.

6.     Decreased Water Level

If your well’s water level has dropped too low, it can cause the pump to keep running. This can be due to reduced water table level, local drought and increase in the local water demands. To address this issue, you must call the water well pump service so that they can determine what exactly the problem is and how it can be resolved.

If you’re encountering a running well pump or any other problem, it is ideal to call a professional instead of attempting to resolve the problem on your own.

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