Simple Tips to Prevent Water Well Freezing During Winters

Winter is the time to read your favorite book while enjoying cups of warm chocolate and snow-clad views. However, winter is also the time when many things go bad if you don’t pay proper attention to them. One such thing is your water well. Low temperatures can cause the water to freeze, thereby leading to absolutely no water supply in your home. When that happens, everything becomes chaotic. Further, water well freezing puts your home at the risk of water damage. Homeowners must, therefore, pay extra attention to their water wells during winters. Here are a few tips on how to prevent well freezing during winters.

Maintain the Temperature Inside Your House

One of the easiest ways to keep well water from freezing is to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house. Several studies have provided proof that maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature keeps the water in pipes from freezing. In most areas, 70 degrees is the recommended setting.

Protect Your Pipes

Most people who experience water damage bear the brunt of not paying proper attention. Pipes are one of the most neglected things inside a home. Many times, water freezing happens because the pipes are not insulated. To protect your pipes and home, cover your pipes with some padding to prevent freezing.

Keep a Close Eye on Things

Staying alert can save you from writing big cheques. Therefore, keep a close eye on everything during winters, including your well’s pump and pipes. If you notice any weird sound or smell, immediately call an expert to check everything. Many people think they can check their well and its various components on their own. However, like any other machine, water wells are also complex machines that need expert care — do not let yourself believe that a YouTube video can teach you what needs to be done.

Consider Leaving the Faucets on If Necessary

This tip stands valid only when temperatures are too low, and the chances of the water well and pipes freezing are high: leave your faucets slightly dripping. Dripping faucets do not allow any pressure to build-up inside pipes, thereby keeping them safe from freezing. However, given the current water shortage in many parts of the world, this trick must be saved only for emergency situations.

Preventive Maintenance Is Important

They say precaution is better than cure. The phrase stands true for almost everything, including water wells in the winter season. Before the winter season starts and you decide to bundle yourself inside a warm blanket with mugs of cocoa, hire a professional to check your water well and pipes for any problems. In case there is a minor problem that, accentuated by the winter season, may lead to significant issues later, the expert will be able to guide you about what needs to be done.

The Final Word

Water well freezing is not an uncommon problem in areas that see harsh winters. However, this a problem that can be easily avoided if homeowners decide to be slightly more careful. We hope the tips and tricks discussed in this article will help you keep your water well and home safe during winters.

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