Signs You Need a New Water Pump

Signs You Need a New Water PumpMany homeowners neglect their well water pump. A fully functional water pump can supply clean and safe water. With daily use and recurring dry spells, the pump may also dry up at one point. When this happens, it does not happen overnight. You will observe signs that the water source is faltering. If you are not sure, here are the signs to look out for to prevent getting caught in the problem of having no fresh water.

1. No Water Supply

This is one of the major indications that you need to invest in a new pump. There are several reasons why you may be encountering such an issue. Some of the reasons for no water include broken equipment or a blown fuse. You will need professional help to determine the problem.

2. Pump Runs Longer

When the pump starts operating longer than usual, it indicates that your well is struggling to build up pressure and pump out the water. The pump is generally placed deep underwater. But, when the level drops, your pump will keep trying to maintain water pressure and keep the tank full. Another sign that you can get from your pump that your water level is running low is when it starts turning off and on continuously.

3. Lower Water Pressure

If the water comes out in trickles in faucets in the whole house, then there is an issue with the water pressure. This can be the result of factors like blocked pipes or issues concerning the pressure tank. But, it can also be caused by a dwindling water supply. You should consult a professional before declaring that the well is running dry.

4. Air Spitting

It is usual if faucets sputter when opened. But, if the sputtering keeps happening frequently, it is a sign that there is air in the plumbing system. The issue can be due to failing valves or pipe leakage. But, it can also mean a drop in the groundwater level. The well pump may be drawing water but could be sucking in the air instead.

5. Murky and Muddy Water

Water from the pump must always be clean and safe to use. If it comes out muddy or sandy and also has an unusual taste or odor, it is one sign that the well may be running dry. This becomes especially concerning if this type of water comes out of your faucet even when there is a sediment filter installed. An expert will be able to solve the issue and advice on whether you must install a new water pump.

Regular maintenance of your water pump can increase its lifespan. It ensures that the problems get detected early on, leaving time for repair or installing a new pump. However, if you are encountering constant issues with the water pump, then it may be time to invest in a new one. However, only an expert can guide you on that. So, consult the professionals today! To know more, you can also reach out to us.

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