Signs You May Need To Replace Your Water Pump

Signs You May Need To Replace Your Water PumpYour Metro-Detroit water well can be a highly reliable source of clean, safe drinking water. However, don’t be fooled into neglecting its routine maintenance needs. After all, your water well has numerous critical components that require routine professional maintenance and occasional repairs. And while a well features different moving parts that function holistically, your water pump is arguably the most important component. As such, it needs to be in tip-top condition at all times. A compromised water pump can potentially cause a range of issues, ranging from inadequate or lack of water to air spits from faucets. So, when it’s the best time to replace your water pump? Continue your reading and learn the four telltale signs your pump requires replacement.

Lack of water:

This is the clearest sign that shows your old pump needs to be replaced. Lack of water may be caused by several issues, which can either be fixable by an expert or not. In this regard, the potential causes of a lack of water from your pump that are fixable include a broken component or a blown fuse.

As already explained, the best way to tackle this particular problem is to seek the intervention of an expert. A professional well water expert in Metro-Detroit will assess the overall condition of your pump and recommend whether it needs repair or replacement.

Reduced water pressure:

The major cause of dwindling water pressure is a malfunctioning water pump. One problem that is likely to cause reduced water pressure is a broken pressure tank, which ultimately minimizes the force with which water is pumped. It is worth noting that this issue can only be solved by a proven professional.

Another potential cause of reduced water pressure is low water volume. However, this is often easy to tackle, because you only need to effectively clean the pipes. Again, only a qualified technician can handle this particular problem.

Dirty water:

The presence of dirty water is usually a clear indication that your well water pump is damaged and requires immediate replacement. Dirt, as well as sand, can both find their way into the pumped water when the pump is far from the water well. What’s more, it has been proven that a large pump than what’s needed may let in dirt and sand. If you see dirt or sand in your water, have the well examined by a professional. He will determine whether it should be repaired or replaced.

Air spiting:

If your faucets dispense air or break water supply when you turn them on, then it is high time you consult a professional to have them examined. In case you didn’t know, leaky pipes can cause either irregular water supply or air spitting from faucets.

Cracked pipes often let in air, which eventually causes faucets to spit air when you turn them on. And this can potentially damage your water pump. It is worth noting that air spitting can also be caused by a damaged pressure tank. Should you experience this particular problem, don’t hesitate to contact your local water well repair professional for assistance.

As already explained, your water pump requires regular professional maintenance to perform at its peak. A professional will also assess your water pump for any potential problems. Identifying issues earlier may help prevent future costly repairs or even replacements.

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