Signs That Say It Is Time to Call a Well Repair Expert

Signs That Say It Is Time to Call a Well Repair ExpertIn the last few years, the demand for private wells has gained immense popularity among homeowners. Private wells do not only allow homeowners to become self-reliant but also increase the value of their property. Thus, homeowners around the world are putting in money to dig wells in their yard. However, not many homeowners truly understand what it means to have a well. Just installing a pump and getting the drilling done isn’t enough. If you are not taking caring proper care of your well, you can end up causing immense harm to your health as well as your bank savings.

Here’s the First Thing You Should Know

If you are a well-owner, the first thing you should know and never forget is that private wells require regular maintenance. Standard checks enhance the life of your well by ensuring that all parts are working well. Delaying or ignoring these steps can lead to the well going dry. More importantly, whether your well has been showing signs of a problem or you are just looking to get it checked as part of the regular maintenance routine, you must hire a professional who has years of experience and knows everything about how wells work.

However, a homeowner will look for a professional only when they realize that there is something wrong with their well. In this article, we, therefore, discuss some of the noticeable signs that say there is a problem with your well.

Signs That Say It Is Time to Call a Well Repair Expert

Here are the two most important signs you should look out for.

A Sudden Increase in Your Electricity Bill Is Usually the First Sign

If one of the pipes within a well becomes damaged or clogged, the pump works extra hard to push the water through. When this happens, the pump draws much more energy than is standard, leading to a huge electricity bill. Similarly, when a check valve breaks down, the pump has to work extra, thereby leading to increased energy consumption. If you have been seeing a sudden spike in your electricity or utility bill, chances are there is a problem with your well that must be fixed immediately.

Do Not Ignore Sputtering Faucets

The water pump should be installed in such a way that it has easy access to the groundwater. However, the level of the water table is subject to changes, depending on weather conditions and other criteria. Sometimes, if the underground water level changes, the pump becomes far positioned, thereby making it unable to draw ample water to sustain an uninterrupted supply. This leads to faucets spitting out a mixture of water and air and creating a mess everywhere. More importantly, when this happens, the pumps starts pulling gases along with the water. Some of these gases can combine with water and make it unsuitable for drinking. Thus, never avoid a spluttering faucet — if you have been seeing water and air coming out of your faucets, call a well repair expert immediately.


Getting a private well makes life much easier and comfortable. However, like everything else, wells require proper maintenance and care. If you are a private well owner, it is extremely important that you make yourselves aware of the various signs that tell you that there is a problem with your well, and when you read the signs, do not delay calling a well repair expert.

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