What to do When Your Well Water Tastes, Looks, or Smells Different

Signs It's Time to Hire a Michigan Well Drilling Company
Everyone likes water to be crystal clear and fresh. So what do you do when the water from your tap tastes weird or smells like rotten eggs? What if your water starts changing to a yellowish or green color? There are several ways to handle this sort of situation, but a professional well drilling company will know the best way to purify your water. Water purification isn’t a simple task, but there are some tests of your own that can confirm whether hiring a professional is necessary.

What Do I Do About the Rotten Egg Smell?

The mud and clay around your pipes may be home to a chemical called hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas’s main purpose is to deconstruct organic material when there isn’t oxygen, but it can also be poisonous and even flammable if it collects in large amounts. Additionally, this gas can ruin your pipes. To check if this is a serious problem, fill a glass of water and check for the smell. If the sulfur-like smell lasts for over ten seconds, you need to talk to a Michigan well drilling company. You should also test if the smell lasts longer in hot water or cold water. If the smell is strong when your water is hot, your water heater will need a checkup. Determining what kind of filter you need to stop the smell is a job better left to professionals. They can tell if your water needs an iron filter to decrease the high iron concentration or if a carbon-based filter is best. You can see there are many factors that come with finding the cause of the smell, which is why it’s best for a well drilling company to help you.

What Do I Do About Water Discoloration?

A high concentration of iron in your water can also change its color. This is especially true if you get your water from an underground well. There could also be a strong source of tannic acid, which is common if you live near a swamp or if there is withering vegetation near your water source. To find the solution, try this test: Let your water run for 10-15 minutes. Then, fill a white bucket with that water so you can see the water’s color. If the water starts out clear and changes later, the issue might be iron concentration. If the water immediately changes color, it’s most likely tannic acid. Either problem can be solved with the help of a professional well drilling company. The installation of an iron filter will take care of the iron concentration, but the issue of tannic acid will require finding a new well. Whichever the problem is, getting the job taken care of sooner rather than later will benefit you and your family.

Hire a Professional Well Drilling Company in Michigan

Having fresh water is a necessity. If you are having problems with your water, you need to take care of it before it gets out of hand. Talk to a professional well drilling company as soon as possible. If you live in Michigan’s Macomb County or the surrounding areas, contact Ries Well Drilling, Inc. for a free estimate.

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