Seven Signs That Say Your Water Well Needs Immediate AttentionSeven Signs That Say Your Water Well Needs Immediate Attention

When homeowners use private water wells to fulfill their home’s water needs, the responsibility falls upon the water well owner to make sure each member of the family has access to safe water. Thus, water well owners must keep an eye out for signs and symptoms that are indicative of potential water well issues. Reading these signs and symptoms in time will not only protect your family but also make sure any problems with the water well are taken care of in time. Here are seven signs that indicate problems with water well.

Your Faucets Are Releasing Air Along with Water

The first sign that indicates water well issues are sputtering faucets. When you open a faucet, the water must flow out smoothly. However, if instead of a smooth flow, you get blasts of air every time you open a faucet, it is quite likely that there is a problem with your home’s plumbing system and that your pump needs servicing. Sputtering faucets are also a result of a failed valve or drop pipe issues.

There Has Been a Sudden Spike in You Electricity Bill

One of the first signs of a faulty water well pump is an incredibly high electricity bill. The pump is that component of a water well that runs continuously and is responsible for maintaining water pressure. Thus, when the pump becomes damaged, it immediately reflects in the electricity bill.

You Have Been Hearing Weird Noises

Have you been hearing weird noises coming out from your plumbing system’s pipes? Has your water well pump been making loud, banging noises continuously? If yes, chances are there is some problem with your water well, specifically the pump. If the noises haven’t stopped for a while, it’s time to call a water well expert and ask them to take a look.

The Taste, Smell, and Appearance of Water Has Changed Suddenly

One of the most noticeable signs of faulty water well is water that tastes and looks strange. This is the sign that is also most easily noticeable — if you feel the taste, color, or smell of your home’s water supply has changed, act immediately.

These changes in the quality of water could be indicative of different problems. For instance, if the water in your home has developed a metallic taste, it is most likely because of the presence of iron and manganese. If the water has developed a rotten taste or smell, chances are your groundwater has become contaminated with decaying organic matter. Lastly, if the water has suddenly started looking dirty, it is most likely because the groundwater table has dropped too low and therefore, the pump is pulling dirt along with water.

You Have Noticed Agricultural Runoff Make Its Way into Your Home’s Water Supply

It is not uncommon for water well supply to become contaminated with agricultural runoff, such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, livestock waste, etc. These runoffs pose many dangers to the health of human beings. For instance, the nitrates released by these agricultural runoffs are very harmful to young children and young women. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to figure out if your home’s water supply has nitrates as nitrates do not have any color or taste.

You Have Noticed Insects and Small Animals in Your Home’s Water Supply

It is not uncommon for insects and small animals to find their way into a home’s water supply. If you have noticed any insects or small animals in your home’s supply, ask a water well technician to check your water well’s casing. Insects and other small animals find their way into a home’s water supply only when the water well casing has become damaged.

The Water Has Started Tasting Salty

In some areas, road salts can find their way into a home’s water supply. This is especially true of areas that experience harsh winters and therefore, the use of sodium chloride is common. This sodium chloride enters the groundwater and reaches a home’s water supply from there. Excessive salt can cause health issues. Thus, if the water inside your home feels salty suddenly, please call a water well technician and have them take a look.

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