Quick Tips on What to Do Is Your Water Well Pump Isn't Holding PressureModern water wells have become ubiquitous. After all, water wells bless homeowners with peace of mind — homeowners with water wells know that they are getting good quality water, and therefore, they and their home members are safe. Moreover, water wells are environment-friendly. Further, they do not require a high investment, and once drilled and operational, they require minimum maintenance. So, it is only obvious that more and more homeowners are opting to have them installed at their homes.

However, anyone with a water well must know that, like any other machine, water wells, too, can develop problems. One of the common problems that water wells develop is that they are, sometimes, not able to hold pressure. When this happens, the water well supply becomes compromised. The good thing is this is a fairly common problem that is also quite easy to fix. In this article, we share with our readers some basic fixes for the problem of low pressure in a water well.

Check the PSI Level of Your Pressure Tank

If you have been experiencing low pressure, the first thing you must do is check if the pressure tank is working fine. Sometimes, the pressure tank gets waterlogged. When this happens, the pressure tank is unable to supply water at the required pressure.

To check whether your pressure tank is working fine or not, check the PSI level. All manufacturers mention the PSI level-related information on the tank. However, if you can’t find this information, you can always call your pressure tank manufacturer and ask them for the same. Once you have the information, use a gauge to measure the PSI level of your pressure tank. If it is not two PSI levels below the cut point, the pressure switch will stop working and you won’t get a water supply.

While you are checking the pressure tank for the appropriate PSI level, also make sure it has not developed rust or become discolored. If it’s become rusted or discolored, immediately call an expert.

Make Sure the Pressure Switch Is Not Off

If the pressure tank is working fine and yet, you are experiencing low pressure and supply issues, the culprit could be the pressure switch. The pressure switch shuts down as soon as it traces any pressure or water supply-related issues. For instance, if the pressure tank is putting excessive pressure on the entire system by drawing too much water, the pressure switch will automatically shut down the whole system.

So, if you are experiencing pressure or supply issues, check the pressure switch. If it’s off, you will have to turn it on again. In case the system does not come up even after restarting the pressure system, restart all the water valves attached to the system.

Final Thoughts

If none of the tricks explained above work for you, check the water pump. However, know that if the pump has stopped working, only a water well expert will be able to help you. Water wells last long. However, most homeowners completely ignore their health, which leads to small issues becoming big. Do not let this happen to your water well — get it serviced from time to time.