Pros and Cons of Well Water VS City Water

Pros and Cons of Well Water VS City WaterHave you ever thought about the kind of water that you need to use? Is it well water or city water that fulfills your needs? Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of either of the two kinds of water? If your answer to either of these questions is a yes, then continue reading.

Here are some pros and cons of well water, as well as those of city water.

Well Water

Here are some pros of using well water for your every day needs.

It Is Good for Kids

Well water is a healthy drinking option for the kinds due to the presence of minerals in it.

Home Wells Are Safe from Disasters

After a natural disaster has taken place, home wells are less likely to be contaminated.

You Play By Your Own Rules

With a well on your property, you are not bound by the decisions of the municipal authorities. For example, if the municipal corporation shuts your water supple you will be left helpless.

Pleasant taste

Well water tastes a lot like mineral water or artisan water which is pleasant on the tongue.


Well water, has in it the nutrients and the minerals which are beneficial for the human body.

Cost Effective

With a well on your property, you do not have to pay a monthly water fee and is therefore more cost effective. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the cons of using well water.

Dependent on Electricity

If the electricity goes out, you won’t be able to access well water for the modern wells are powered by electricity. 

Easy Contamination

Well water can be easily contaminated as a result of the chemicals that you use in your garden. It can also be polluted if you have a nuclear power plant nearby.

Sewage Contamination

Water wells get contaminated by underground sewage leakage.

High on Maintenance

Owning a well, you are responsible for the upkeep. 

City Water

Let’s shed some light upon the pros of city water.

Easy Availability

City water, if turned on is easily available whenever you need it.

Free from Debris

City water is filtered and made free from debris before it reaches our households.

The Right Minerals

City water has all the nutrients which are important for the human body.

Has a Reasonable Taste

Although some people dislike it, but the taste of city water is clean and fresh.

Here are some cons of using city water.

Easy Contamination

If a natural disaster takes place, the city water tends to get polluted al too quickly. Even the small scale disaster can affect the quality of city water and you will have to boil it before usage.


City water is expensive and is hard for most people to afford.

Penalty Shutdown

If you fail to pay water bills on time, chances are that your water supply will be cut.

Limited Availability

City water is rarely available in the rural areas. If you have no access to city water you will have to dig a well. 

If you are in need of a water well, contact RIES Well Drilling today!  We can be reached at (586) 784-9516 and would love to answer any questions you may have regarding well water and city water in the metro-Detroit area.