Private Water Well Maintenance Manual: Part 1Private water well owners must know that they are responsible for ensuring that the water they are receiving is clean and safe to use. They must, therefore, try their best to make themselves aware of everything important there is to know about water well maintenance. For instance, most water well owners do not know anything about fixing well issues. The good news is fixing water well issues is pretty simple and we will cover all relevant topics like this in this article. However, know that this is not an official water well maintenance manual, it’s only something we have created to help our readers become more aware.

Read on.

Understand the Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Here is the first thing you must remember: preventive maintenance is always the best idea. Unfortunately, a survey conducted by the National Ground Water Association revealed that 80% of the private well owners do not spend any money on preventive maintenance.

When you get your water well checked and serviced regularly, you give yourself the chance to know about problems while they are still in their early stage, and therefore, can be fixed easily. When you drink water from a water well with problems, you not only put your health at risk but also give small problems a chance to turn into big issues and small expenses into huge ones.

In conclusion, whatever you do, do not ignore preventive maintenance – get your well checked from time to time.

Know What to Check When the Water Well Expert Is Working

Now that you understand that preventive maintenance is important, here is what you need to know now: professional water well check-up includes four steps: flow test; well equipment inspection; water safety and quality inspection to gauge the presence of contaminants, such as bacteria; and receiving results/reports in the written form.

When the water well expert visits your home, make sure that they have followed all four steps while checking your water well.

DIY Is Not the Way to Go

Very often, homeowners make cleaning their water well a DIY job, primarily to save money. We strongly suggest you steer clear of making any such decision as more often than not, homeowners end up creating a bigger mess when they try to do things on their own.

Water well maintenance involves many tasks and even the simple ones are not as easy they look. For instance, removing the water well cap may seem like the easiest thing to do, but one mistake and you will end up creating an entrance for germs and bacteria. Similarly, any mishap while fixing submersible pumps can even lead to electrocution.

Remember water well maintenance is a task best left to the experts. Experts do not only have experience but also the tools required to do the job properly.

In Conclusion

If you are a water well owner, here are a few things you must know. Whether there is a problem with your water well or you are planning to call someone for preventive maintenance, trust only an experienced professional. That apart, make sure to get your water well tested on a routine basis, at least once every year. When the water well expert comes, ask them to check the color, smell, and taste of the water. Further, always make it a point to never keep anything that can cause harm to your health near your water well.

In this manual, we have tried to cover all important aspects of water well maintenance. We hope this guide will help you maintain your water well in good health.

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