Private Water Well in Lapeer County, MI – Considerations

Private Water Well in Lapeer County, MI - ConsiderationsOne of the drawbacks of having a home is that there is always something that deserves immediate attention. Thus, homeowners always have their hands full. While most of the home-related choices that Lapeer County, MI, homeowners have to make are easy and do not require much knowledge. However, when it comes to deciding on technical projects, information is key. Thus, most Lapeer County, MI, homeowners trust professionals with these decisions.

Homeowners must understand that it is important to gather information about these technical projects as in the absence of information and knowledge, any professional can leave them with a bad job done. Knowing and understanding the job that needs to be done allows homeowners to take the right decision regarding which person or service provider is the right choice for the job.

Installing water well is a job that most Lapeer County, MI, homeowners know nothing about. They hire professionals to do the job and assume that the professional will do what is best for their home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Therefore, in this article, we share with Lapeer County, MI, citizens the important things they must know before they decide to get a water well installed.

Spend Some Time to Figure out the Right Depth for Your Well

Most private wells in Lapeer County, MI, are anywhere between 100 to 500 feet deep. However, the ideal depth of a water well depends on several different factors. The most important of these factors is the depth of the aquifer. Ideally, the depth of the well should be such that the pump can easily draw water from the aquifer.

Take Geographical Conditions into Account While Deciding Well Depth

The weather in Lapeer County, MI, does not remain the same throughout the year. Like every other town in the U.S., Lapeer County also experiences four different seasons and with each season, the level of the groundwater table changes. While the level of water increases during the rainy season, it gets reduced during the summer season. During the winter season, the water table rises when the snow melts. Thus, while deciding the depth of the well, ask the professional you have chosen to work with, to explain to you how the level of water table changes with each season. This exercise will help you figure out the right well depth.

Ask Your Chosen Professional to Carefully Study the Geological Conditions in Your Area

Yet another important factor that one should take into account while deciding the depth of a residential well is the geology of the area. Ask the professional you have chosen to drill a well in your home to study the ground conditions as well as the quality of soil in your area before drilling the well. For instance, in case, the ground underneath your home is lined with rocks, you will have to clear the rocks to get access to the water table. Thus, your chosen professional will have to get special equipment to solve the problem. Geology poses other problems too and thus, these problems must be taken into account before the work on the well begins.


Drilling a water well is no easy task — one mistake and you may find yourself being compelled to repeat the entire procedure. Thus, it is best to inform oneself and not blindly trust a professional. Hope this article will help in this regard.

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