First, What is Hard Water?

Oakland County Well Driller Discusses the Daily Struggles of Hard WaterHard water is basically water containing a high mineral count. There is a constant debate over whether or not minerals in your water are harmful to drink. Although there is no specific answer to this, if minerals can destroy plumbing fixtures in your home, one might wonder what they can do to your body.

Minerals in hard water, such as magnesium, iron, or calcium, can leave residue on sinks, bathtubs and laundry and dish ware. Not only are these stains undesirable, but more importantly, it isn’t healthy for hard water to be ingested or absorbed in the skin while bathing.

If you decide to have a private water well installed, make sure you also install a filter to help remove minerals from traveling from the pump to your faucet.

If you have a filter installed and you are still experiencing discoloring and staining from hard water, contact an Oakland County well maintenance company to adjust your filter system and water softener.

Keeping reading to learn how an excessive amount of minerals in your water can affect daily activities.

Your Showering Suffers

When there is a high amount of minerals present in the water,  it will cause the water to react differently with soap. This can make it difficult to lather your soap and rinse it off of your body. So instead of feeling cleaner after your shower, you may have new layer of soap residue on your skin.

Bad Hair Days

As mentioned, hard water makes it difficult to rinse soap from your body and can leave behind an unwanted residue. Unfortunately, you may find that same residue in your hair, making it hard to manage.

Things can be even worse for those with blonde or lighter colored hair. Those orange/rust colored stains you are constantly scrubbing from your plumbing? Those same mineral deposits can stain your hair, causing it to appear rust colored as well.

Laundry is Not Getting Clean

Remember how hard water reacts differently to soap in the shower?  The same goes for laundry soap.

Soap is meant to remove dirt and grime, but when it doesn’t get rinsed off properly, it can actually make your clothes feel even dirtier.

And just as the iron in the water can stain your plumbing and change your hair color, it can also stain lighter colored clothing.

Problems with Your Appliances

Mineral deposits can decrease the lifespan of home appliances such as dishwashers and clothes washers.  This is because the mineral-build up can clog valves and eventually makes them less efficient.

Why pay for new appliances or higher energy bills when you can just invest in water well maintenance?

Help! I have Hard Water and Need to Schedule Maintenance with an Oakland County Well Driller

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