Maintaining Your Water Well

Maintaining Your Water Well

People often ask and inquire how do they maintain their water wells and how would YOU maintain your water well.

The answer to that is, YOU don’t maintain your well. Water well maintenance is a tricky and potentially dangerous operation and should be best left to the qualified professionals who specialize in water well drilling and service.

Here are some helpful tips and reasons why you should never attempt it yourself and what you can do instead before calling in for maintenance.

Water  Well Contamination

Attempting to maintain and clean or service your water well can potentially introduce all kinds of dangerous pathogens, bacteria or chemicals unknowingly into the water supply. That is definitely something you don’t want happening in the water which services your needs.

This could be from tool contamination or exposure to foreign bacteria or mistakenly using the wrong type of chemicals.

Prevention is Better than Cure

As is true in medicine, so is true for life in general.  A pound of prevention is better than an ounce of cure.

Get regular precautionary checks and inspections over the tiniest problem you might have with the well instead of neglecting it and concerning it for the future. Small problems can snowball into costly and harmful problems plus it is the matter of the water which goes inside your body and services your needs.

The last thing to be stingy about is a water well since it is directly impacting you.

Basic Water Well Checks

Before you consider getting your water well fully serviced by a full course treatment which will undoubtedly be of some cost, there are some easy to do basic checks you can get conducted.

These will help you see whether there really is a need for a full service or not. Some of these basic checks include:

  1. An overall systems check which tests flow output, motor performance, water quality, and the pressure tank.
  2. A sanitation and health standards check of your well and pump to check for vermin, pests, and compliance with local regulatory body rules and conditions
  3. A water test which checks for water organisms, pathogens, bacteria and various other natural contaminants which can pose a health risk

Old Water Wells

The state and running of your own well is not the only thing you should check for. If your well and pump are in perfectly functioning quality with no problems to be found yet there are problems found in the water then the source of the contamination must be traced.

This might be due to old uncovered wells which can pollute water aquifers by providing open access to pollutants and contaminants. They should be traced, located and closed so that access to water aquifers is cut off for such elements.


The key to the best solution is realizing not everything can be done by your own hands. Well maintenance, in particular, is so important to your needs and health that it shouldn’t be gambled with. Hire your nearest and best well service and get your well checked and maintained by professionals.

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