Why Constant Pressure is Essential for Water Well Systems

Constant Pressure Water Well System - Macomb County, MIWater well systems in Macomb County, Michigan are known for their many benefits, which include a practically unlimited water supply, no monthly utility costs, and a more reliable water source. If you already have one in your residential property, you should know about another important area that will help you maximize your existing water well.

Constant pressure systems are an essential part of your water well setup. They ensure that every part of your household receives the appropriate water pressure, no matter how many people use it at the same time. This is an asset that keeps your system efficient, functional, and reliable to always meet your needs.

What is a constant pressure system?

A constant pressure system adjusts the speed and timing of your water pump to address flow and pressure demands. When someone uses the shower while someone else is washing dishes, the system automatically adjusts the pump so that the water won’t slow to a trickle. Instead of using a water tank to keep pressure high, the system will pump as much water as needed.

Constant pressure systems are designed to function strategically

Compared to using a large water tank to keep the pressure high, a constant pressure system uses an electric pressure controller. It has sensors to determine the speed, flow rate and pressure needed as the water is used.

Older systems function as either “on” or “off” with no setting in between. A modern constant pressure system allows the pumps to work just as much as needed to improve the efficiency and longevity of the system. 

Constant pressure systems facilitate consistency

You may have experienced this before: You open a faucet completely, only to get a weak flow of water. Then, suddenly, the water gushes out at full force. Everything around the sink is suddenly all wet, including you. This what happens when water pressure is not controlled.

As its name suggests, a constant pressure system facilitates the consistent flow and supply of water throughout your property. With it installed, you’ll know what to expect when you open a faucet: A controlled flow of water that won’t surprise you. This will be true even when someone else might be in the shower or flushing the toilet at the same time.

Constant pressure systems are cost-effective

An efficient system is a cost-effective system. A constant pressure system makes your pumps work only as hard as they need to in order to deliver the water pressure you need. Instead of working at either 0% or 100%, it adjusts with the demand. This saves your pump and other parts of the system from unnecessary wear and tear. And because the system works more efficiently, it also saves on energy costs.

Learn more about constant pressure systems with Ries Well Drilling

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