Low Well Water Pressure – What Are Its Probable Causes?Low Well Water Pressure – What Are the Probable Causes?

Many of our day-to-day activities depend on the availability of water. This is what makes it really difficult to survive in areas with a water shortage or a home with low water pressure.

Imagine yourself coming home after a tiring, cold day. You think of getting into the bathroom and treating your tired body with a nice, warm shower before going to bed. You get home, enter your bathroom and turn the faucet on, only to see there isn’t ‘much’ water coming out of the shower outlet.

Could there be anything worse than having low well water pressure in St. Clair County, Michigan and not being able to get some relief in your own home after a tough day? We think not! This is the reason having good water pressure is nothing short of a luxury for homeowners and tenants.

A ‘good water pressure’ is one that is optimal i.e. neither too high nor too low and can fulfill your needs quickly. All the faucets, showers, toilets, and hoses in the garden require optimal water pressure to stay functional. Water pressure that is too high can damage the plumbing network in your home whereas low water pressure can result in serious discomfort and make even the simplest tasks dreadful.

But what is it that leads to low well water pressure? Find out here!

Reasons behind Low Well Water Pressure in St. Clair County, Michigan

1. Placement of Water Tank

The location of water storage that supplies water to your home plays a very important role in maintaining water pressure. If the tank is placed on a level lower than the taps in your home, the odds of having low water pressure are high. If this is the case, you must call a professional and discuss tank elevation options.

2. Pressure Loss Due to Neighborhood

If other houses in your neighborhood are using the same source of water supply as you, it can result in a low water wall pressure in St. Clair County, Michigan due to peak usage. Peak usage is the time when houses in a single neighborhood use the most amount of water.

In this case, it is best you call a well drilling company and discuss the possibilities of digging up a separate well for your home.

3. Low-End Water Pressure Regulator

The majority of homes in Michigan have water pressure regulators installed. One reason behind a low water pressure in your home could be a malfunctioning water pressure regulator. This could either be because of using a low-quality water pressure regulator or that the regulator is aged or damaged

Professional well drilling companies often offer regulators that are more purposeful and long-lasting than those typically available at the market. Try getting your hands on one of these.

4. Leaking or Blocked Pipes

The most common cause of low well water pressure in St. Clair County, Michigan and other regions is leaking and blocked pipes in homes. These leaks or blockages could occur due to several reasons including aged, faulty, or worn-down pipes.

If you suspect having one of these water pressure problems, call the professionals to thoroughly inspect. They will confirm the problem and carry out the necessary fixes.

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