Is Well Water Better Than City Water? – 5 Residential Benefits Of Water Well

Is Well Water Better Than City Water? – 5 Residential Benefits Of Water WellA majority of US residents have water wells. Are you wondering why this is so?

There are good reasons for this; the major ones are environmental and financial benefits. The reason why some people opt for city water is that it does not come with the maintenance and safety responsibilities that are tied to having water well.

A private well requires you to regularly monitor items such as bacteria since no one will do this for you. Failure to periodically monitor can lead to illnesses where the water is no longer pure. To avoid this, consult a well water contractor to cover all your bases. When you are sure that your well water is safe, you will get many benefits.

Top 5 Benefits Of Choosing Well Water Instead Of City Water

1. Health Safety

Water is a significant part of what we consume, and ultimately, it affects our health. Well water tastes better because there are no chemicals, while city water is treated using harmful and harsh chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.

Well water comes directly from the ground giving you all the advantages of clean water with no chemical additives. You only need to ensure that the well is checked annually for water safety.

2. Higher Property Value

Having a private water source increases your home’s appeal and value. It comes in handy in property valuation, and you get a higher asking price to potential tenants or buyers because of the individual water source your home comes with.

3. Convenience and Reliability

Well water is reliable; unlike city water, you can hardly lose your water source. City water is subject to be affected by issues such as broken mains, which is not a foreign occurrence. Some other emergencies also affect the supply of city water, meaning there is no guarantee that you will have water throughout.

The most reliable and convenient water source is an individual well as you are in total control of the systems and fixing any problems that might affect the supply or quality of water.

4. Saves Costs

Individual water well is almost free. Once you invest in drilling and building costs, you will only incur charges such as system maintenance which is relatively minimal compared to public water systems. In addition, you will not have a monthly bill making private water well quite cost efficient.

5. Environmental Friendly

Unlike public water system, private water well is all-natural, and it does not have added harmful chemicals that can affect the environment and your health.

A thriving ecosystem consists of plants, animals, and bacteria. Potential hazards to either can adversely affect the rest of the ecosystem and the environment at large.

Conclusion: Well Water Vs. City Water – Which Is Better?

The question to ask yourself is; is a private well suitable for me? Well, the advantages of well water vs. city water outweigh the disadvantages unless you prefer the taste of tap water which we highly doubt.

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