Important Factors That Govern Your Pump’s Health

Water well pumps have become increasingly popular, especially in rural areas, where people depend on water wells to meet their daily needs. The construction of this device includes components that primarily work together to draw water from wells using different mechanisms. Water well pumps have become immensely popular as they help save time, energy, and efforts. When maintained well and serviced regularly, water well pumps easily last 10 to 15 years. However, several different factors govern the life of a water well pump. In this article, we discuss the most important of these factors.

Important Factors That Govern Your Pump’s Health


The wear and tear that a water well pump undergoes depend considerably on how long and how often the pump is used. Not just that, the rate and load of use also affect the life of a water well pump. For example, a water well pump that is used for 15-16 hours each day will have a much shorter life than a pump that is used only 3 – 4 hours a day. In general, users are advised not to keep the water well pump running for more than four hours a day.

Pump Type

The life of a pump also depends on its type. For instance, submersible pumps that push water to the surface usually last only 8-10 years. On the other hand, jet pumps, popularly used for home purposes, push the water by creating a vacuum and are able to work well for even 15 years or more.

Motor Quality

Within the construction of a pump, the motor is the most crucial element as it does the maximum amount of work. Thus, pumps that use poor quality motor work for only a few years. If you are looking to buy a water well pump, the first thing you must check is the motor quality.

Wire System

Based on the wiring system, water well pumps are of two types: two-wire pumps and three-wire pumps. In the case of three-wire water well pumps, the control panel is located next to the pump. On the other hand, in the case of two-wire pumps, the pump holds within itself everything it needs to work. Users prefer three-wire pumps as they are easy to repair and therefore, last longer years. In the case of the two-wire pump, a user has to replace the entire pump in case of a fault.

Sediment and Grit

Materials, such as sand and gravel, are capable of considerably reducing a pump’s functional ability. Therefore, in areas with heavy sedimentary water, pumps do not last more than a few years.


The most crucial factor that affects the life of a pump is maintenance. Users that check their pumps from time to time and make the required repairs on time, usually end up using their pump for a much longer duration than those people who do not pay any heed to their pump’s health.

In Conclusion

Pumps last for 10 to 15 years: the validity of this statement depends on all of the factors mentioned above. However, proper maintenance is key to ensuring your pump’s long life. If you think your water well pump is not performing to its optimum capacity or is getting overheated and making unusual sounds get it checked immediately.

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