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Next to air, water is the most important element in your life. With the holidays coming up, we want to make sure you have the cleanest water for cooking, cleaning, taking care of your yard, and hosting parties for friends and family. After all, two-thirds of the Earth is water. Water is 70% of our bodies. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure the water you’re ingesting is clean?

This is why we strongly encourage that homes have a personal water well installed. To have this done, contact an Imlay City well driller. Soon, you’ll be enjoying the many benefits of having clean water straight from your own well.

Water Is Essential for Everyone’s Health

This seems like common knowledge, but there are many that underestimate the power of water. Water isn’t just a part of our bodies and our world. It also provides energy, hydration, and life. The essence and purpose of water can’t operate the way it’s supposed to if the water is filthy.

If the water looks clear, many assume it’s safe, but there are so many metals and chemicals in water that can alter the taste and smell of water. It goes unnoticed, but it does have an effect on your health and the health of others. When you don’t know what’s in your water, it can be very nerve-wracking.

Some public utility businesses will submit reports about what is in your water, but they’re not going to take much initiative to filtering what you don’t want in your water. With a personal water well, a filter is installed. Metals and other substances won’t find their way into your cooking pots and bathtubs. Your health and your household’s health are the top priority.

The Prominence of Water Contamination In Our Country

In 1974, the Safe Water Drinking Act was instated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to make sure each public water utility system meets the standards for providing safe water to the public. However, even these standards can contain undesirable elements. Fluoride isn’t as good as it seems, iron and lead still sneak their way into the water, and arsenic can bring quite a scare.

Using water filters or changing water sources should be a community driven effort because it would ultimately improve everyone’s health. Ignoring the contaminants in water will show. Chlorine can change the look of one’s hair and skin in a negative way and lead can cause kidney failure.

Bring your household one step closer to avoiding ailments like these. Make sure the cleanliness of your water is higher than the expected standard.

Contact an Imlay City Well Driller

A professional well drilling company strives to bring the cleanest water possible. One of the ways they do it is by installing a fully functional water well with a proper filter. If you’re ready to switch water sources and need to consult with an Imlay City well driller, then contact Ries Well Drilling Inc. today.

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