How Water Well Experts Find the Perfect Spot to Drill in Lapeer, MI

Water Well Drillers - Lapeer, MIWe all understand that a private well comes with many advantages. Among them are tax cuts, fresh water all day long, environmental friendliness, and more control over the water you drink. But you can only reap those benefits if your well is in tip top shape.

As with everything, a good water well starts from a good foundation. If it’s installed in the right spot, you can most certainly be confident that all those advantages are sure to follow. Here a few things the experts at Ries Well Drilling look for when drilling a new water well in Lapeer, Michigan.

Check for Close Sources of Contamination

Places that have a high probability of contamination or even a gateway to contamination should be thoroughly inspected. This is because contamination will not only ruin your well water but also decrease the life of your well system.

Well drillers will watch out for places such septic or chemical tanks, livestock barns, fertilizer storage and effluent pools. Drilling in Lapeer will only begin once it’s certain that places like these are far away from the installation site.

Make Sure All Local Rules and Regulations Are Followed

After it’s certain that any possible contamination won’t be a problem, the next step is to contact the local health office. They will provide guidance and reference on any guidelines that must be followed when installing a water well. Not only is compliance with the local guidelines important, but it can also keep you out of any health or legal trouble in the future.

Get the Specifications Right

Various tools and equipment will have to be used and installed for the water well system. Their specification should match what you will need out of the system.

Figuring out those specifications means getting to know the details of the area’s water table, the water pressure needed for the system, the specific use cases, and more. The system will be built with these in mind to lower the likelihood of any trouble down the line.

Water Sources from Higher Elevations Are Preferred

When choosing places to start drilling the water well, high ground is often preferred. This is because higher grounds are known for having fewer contamination problems. It’s highly unlikely that a source of contamination can creep up towards higher water sources.

Being on a higher elevation will also help in keeping the water pressure strong when delivering it to its users. Not only is it safer, but it’s more efficient as well.

Best Water Well Drillers Near Me In Lapeer, MI

After the perfect spot has been determined, you’re on your way to having cleaner water from a source you control. If you need help with getting started, give Ries Well Drilling a call. With over two decades of experience serving the residents of Macomb, St. Clair, Oakland, and Lapeer counties, they know where to setup your water well to provide you with the safest, cleanest drinking water that is always convenient to use. If you need a water well drilled in Lapeer County, get in touch with them today.

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